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Three-and-a-half years after the debut of Siri, virtual assistants haven’t yet become a user interface element on par with, say, the mouse cursor — but that’s not through any lack of trying. According to a new study carried out for… Read more ›

I’m an avid Instragammer. And yes, I even take pictures of food, and clouds and all that stupid stuff. It’s horrible. It’s a bad habit. I need to stop. But I can’t. Maybe if the most loathed band in the world would just make a song about how awesome Instagram is then I’d be motivated to kick the habit.

Nickelback still hasn’t worked Instagram into the lyrics of their next mega-album, but CollegeHumor just created the perfect Nickelback video that  [Read More…]

Mondo’s latest is Steve Jobs: Back of the Line, an awesome rap sung by the ghost of Steve Jobs who, in the matter of a mere three-and-a-half minutes manages to school Jeff Bezos, teabag Bill Gates and one-up his successor, the awkward, stuttering M.C. Cook.

This is the winning verse, though, sung in response to a charge by Jeff Bezos that the iPad mini is a rip-off of the Kindle Fire.

What’s  [Read More…]

The iPhone 5 looks pretty, but how does it fair when it’s actually used in the real world? If you accidentally drop it from 5-feet will it shatter? Android Authority is already on the case and did a drop test comparison with the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The iPhone 5 dominated the competition. It picked up a few scratches and dings, but the screen never shattered, whereas the S3 screen cracked multiple times, and it’s back casing flew  [Read More…]

Loose MagSafe 2 Plug Destroys Retina MacBook Screen

The MagSafe 2, it seems, is neither ‘Mag’ nor ‘Safe.’

It’s widely know that that the MagSafe 2 connector found on the new Retina MacBook Pro likes to sever its connection at the slightest chance. But who cares, right? After all, if it comes loose, you just plug it back in – it’s not like it’s the cable to your boot drive or anything.

I’ll tell you who cares: Lukas Mathis. Lukas  [Read More…]