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Battle Supremacy Has An Eye For Detail But Not For Controls [Review]

It’s been a little while since I reviewed a tank game, so I picked up Battle Supremacy, a new tread-and-turret action title from the developers of Sky Gamblers out today for iOS devices. Battle Supremacy by Atypical Games Category: iOS…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Check Out This Insanely Tiny Detail Apple Added To The iOS 6.1 Lockscreen


Notice the slight difference in the light reflection between the Pause button and Volume slider?

Apple is famous for its attention to detail and making the smallest tweaks to hardware and software most people wouldn’t even notice. It’s kind of silly to get excited about tiny animation details in iOS, but to us, they’re a sign that Apple really cares about its products.

Along with the new lockscreen music controls for iOS  [Read More…]

This Crazy Fan Recreated The Apple Store In His Home Office Down To The Smallest Detail

I like the Apple Store as much as any Apple fan, but I wouldn’t want to live and work there.

You can’t say the same thing for David Wu, though. “Call me mad. Call me crazy. But I woke up one day around three months or more ago and decided to completely renovate my home study.”

So what’d he do? He made his home office a virtual recreation of an Apple Store, not only  [Read More…]

‘PhotoExif’ Shows You Your Photos’ Information In Detail

iOS doesn’t exactly show you all the information about a photograph that you take. Professional photograph software like Adobe Photoshop or Apple Aperture will show you a whole lot more information about the photograph such as what device it was taken on, the dimensions, and the aperture value. If you want iOS to show you more information about each photograph you take, then check out a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed PhotoExif by iOS developer ioshack. PhotoExif  [Read More…]

Use the Magnifying Glass Tool in Preview to Zoom Into Image Detail

Magnifying glass tool in Preview Preview in OS X Lion has been updated to include a helpful magnification tool that follows the mouse cursor. To activate it, just hit the ~ (tilde) key with an image open in Preview, then by using the trackpad you can pinch or spread to increase or decrease the size of the magnifier. This is pretty useful and offers a much more precise option than zooming  [Read More…]

iPhone Passcode Recovery Here In Detail

When you forget the password of your email, facebook or Twitter account you simply click “Forget my Password”. But what about your iPhone? What if you set a ‘Restrictions Passcode’ a long time ago and now you can’t remember the digits? You’ve got a couple of options. For starters, you could restore your iPhone as a new device through iTunes. You can’t restore from a previous backup, because your passcode is saved in that fileYour other  [Read More…]