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Create detailed 3D models with this amazing CAD app for iPad Pro

Apple is always talking about how many professions increasingly rely on the iPad for work, and developers Onshape have just added another: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modelers. Onshape’s new app lets iPad Pro owners carry out the compute-intensive calculations and graphics for 3D solid modeling from their supercharged tablet, using their trusty Apple Pencil. The Pencil enables CAD […]

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Find Detailed Wi-Fi Connection History from Command Line of Mac OS X

There are some situations where knowing exactly what wireless networks a Mac has connected to and when that connection was last established can be helpful. We’ll demonstrate how to uncover a comprehensive listing of specifics about previously joined wi-fi networks, which will include the last connection date and time (to the second!), if the network … Read More

Perform Detailed DNS Lookups with host Command in OS X

All domains are associated with an IP address, whether it’s for a website, mail server, or whatever else. While using nslookup offers a simple way to get DNS information and an IP for a specific website or domain, if you want a significantly more detailed retrieval, you can use the host command instead. The host … Read More

The Apple Book Bundle: Two Detailed Portraits By Bestselling Author Leander Kahney [Deals]

If you’re looking to gain an insightful perspective as to how Apple has become the most valuable brand in the world you’ll get that and so much more with these two genius titles written by Leander Khaney. Leander has been…Read more ›

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Apple Posts Detailed iPhone 5S/5C Schematics Online

13.09.16-iPhone_5s-DrawingsAttention, all potential iPhone modders, casemakers, obsessives and tinkerers. Apple has just posted detailed schematics of its new iPhone 5S and 5C handsets to the Apple Developer Portal. Every time a new iPhone comes out, Apple ends up posting these schematics for the benefit of casemakers and accessory makers, which is a little bit rich […]

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Get Detailed Weather Information with Siri: Temperature, Forecasts, Humidity, Dew Point, Barometer, & Wind Speed

Just about everyone knows that you can get basic weather details, temperature, and forecasts through Siri just by summoning the virtual assistant and then asking one of a few basic questions:

“What is the temperature?” – provides current temperature and hourly forecast “What is the forecast?” – provides a multi-day forecast “What is the weather?” – sunny, rain, hot, cold, clouds, snow, etc

Get Weather and forecast from Siri

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iTunes 11 In Retina Is Insanely Detailed [Image]

This is an awesome spot by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber: the Retina assets in iTunes 11 are so detailed that the Up Next icon actually has tiny little numbers next to the bullet points. Check it out full-size here.

Via: Reddit

Apple Updates iCloud System Status Page With Detailed Analytics For Specific Services

This afternoon Apple quietly updates its iCloud System Status webpage with a new design that presents more details information about outages for specific services, such as iMessage and Siri. Several widespread outages have plagued iCloud in recent months, and Apple’s new layout is more transparent about the downtime and how many users are affected.

A grid of all iCloud-related services is displayed with green or brownish indicators. If a service is  [Read More…]

MacHeist 4 Bundle Software Detailed, Will Give 25% Of Proceeds To Charity And You A Great Deal

The MacHeist folks have thrown the covers off to reveal all the Mac software that you’ll get if you purchase the latest bundle for $ 29. In addition to this insanely good deal on some fantastic software, you’ll be gifting a charity of your choice (from a list provided at the site) with 25% of the proceeds. If all 1.5 million MacHeist members end up purchasing the bundle, that’s a lot  [Read More…]

Apples 3D Maps In iOS 6 Are Insanely Detailed When Compared With Googles [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7BBOVeeSBE]

Google tried to beat Apple to the punch when it announced the Google Maps 3D view right before WWDC, but Apple still blew everyone away with its own 3D Maps technology in iOS 6. And even though Apple’s new Maps app is in developer beta, twice as many cites are 3D compatible in iOS 6 than Google Maps!

The above video compares Apple’s 3D Maps with Google’s in great detail. Make sure to check out Jeff of iDownloadBlog’s  [Read More…]