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You may already know that you can add stock ticker symbols to the Notification Center on the iPhone, but if you don’t feel like tapping around, another option is to retrieve information on markets and equities through Siri. That also means you can get detailed stock market data on prices, highs and lows, dividends, and … Read More

Jurassic World plot details revealed

Anyone who read my review of Jurassic Park Builder for iOS knows that I’m a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise – and like a lot of fans of the series I’m eagerly awaiting Jurassic World, the forthcoming movie sequel set to stomp… Read more ›

More details are trickling out about Gameloft’s eagerly awaited first-person-shooter Modern Combat 5: Blackout, which is set to arrive on mobile later this year. The first big reveal concerns a new unified progression system, which will aim to bring together… Read more ›

Details about Gameloft’s delayed FPS Modern Combat 5 have been in short supply, but we finally have a full name at least: Modern Combat: Blackout. The news, which arrived through gaming site TouchArcade, was accompanied by a reconfirmation of previously… Read more ›

We never thought they’d do it, but Apple is splitting their stock 7-to-1—and on our newest CultCast, we discuss that and other surprising (and non-boring) notes from their recent financial call. Plus, the best way to get the Apple stuff… Read more ›

Get more specific weather details from the iPhone

Obviously the Weather app will tell you temperatures and a five-day forecast, but the revised default iPhone Weather app can also provide additional weather information without having to ask Siri. This includes much more specific data, like humidity, the chance of rain, the wind speed and direction, and the current heat index. You’d be forgiven for not knowing this upon first glance within the weather  [Read More...]

In a rare move, Apple has announced upcoming features it plans to add back to its iWork productivity suite on the Mac. Following the release of the redesigned iWork apps last month, many users complained about how Apple had removed…

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Spotify for iOS has today been handed another new update with several nice improvements. In addition to adding artist tour details, it brings a much-improved search function, support for the Japanese language, and lots of bug fixes. Within an artist…

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Teardown Reveals Details of iPhone A7 and M7 Chips

Oh, so that's where the M7 was.At the end of last night’s iPhone 5s teardown, the iFixit team still wasn’t sure who made the chips inside the latest iOS device, or where the brand-new M7 was, even. There was a lot of speculation as to who made the A7, Apple’s new, faster powerhouse of a main processing unit, as well. That’s […]

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How do you *not* want this game?Disney’s upcoming open world sandbox game for gaming consoles, Disney Infinity, will bring all our favorite characters together from a host of Disney franchises, including The Incredibles, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Wreck It Ralph, and more. It’s an ambitious release, and will include Skylanders-style figures and collectibles into the mix. Yesterday, then, Disney revealed [...]

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