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iPad App Detects Pages Turning On A Real Life Paper Book

This is the Bridging Book, and it “bridges” the gap between reality and virtual reality by combining an iPad app with an actual paper book. The concept is simple and yet looks to be very effective, if the smiles on the kid in the video are anything to go by: The iPad detects page turns made in the book using magnets. Yes, frikkin’ magnets.

Each page has a magnet in  [Read More…]

Scanner Pro From Readdle Now Detects Page Borders Automatically

Scanner-Pro-border-detectionScanner Pro from Readdle is a super useful app that allows you to scan documents, receipts, and more and then store them digitally on your iOS devices. With its latest update, Scanner Pro got even easier with real-time border detection technology, which automatically finds page borders for you. Prior to this update, you had to […]

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