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Mac Setups: MacBook Air 11? & Mac Mini Web Development Workstation

Web Developers Desk This weeks great Mac setup comes to us from Eddie B who uses his Apple gear for web design and development. The MacBook Air serves as the primary work machine and the Mac Mini, resting below it, functions as a web server. Here’s the full hardware list: MacBook Air 11? (2011) MacMini (Late 2009) used as a web development server (Git repo, test server, etc) Dual Apple Cinema  [Read More…]

Mac Setup: MacBook Pro 13? iOS & Web Development Workstation

iOS Developers Desk This weeks Mac setup comes to us from Raphael C, who uses his Apple gear for iOS and web development. It’s a fairly simple setup, which is perfect for getting things done without too many distractions. Here’s the hardware in use: Macbook Pro 13? mid-2011 model Samsung 22? T220 Display Apple Wireless Keyboard Magic Trackpad iPad  [Read More…]

Judge Orders Google And Motorola To Hand Over Information Regarding Android Development And Merger

The patent saga continues with U.S. Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner in Chicago ruling that Motorola and Google must provide Apple with information regarding Android development as well as information about the impending merger. It’s unclear exactly what specific “information” must be provided and while everyone goes ahead and assumes it’s some sort of top secret documentation, I’m betting it’s nothing of the sort and Apple won’t be gaining any trade  [Read More…]

Judge Awards Apple Access to Android’s Entire Development History

A federal judge in Chicago gave Apple keys to the Android vault this morning. Judge Richard Ponser ruled that Google and Motorola Mobility must share with Apple background information on the history of Android’s development and Google’s in-progress acquisition of Motorola. The ruling is part of the ongoing patent litigation between Apple and Motorola. More importantly it pulls Google directly into the patent battle between Apple and Motorola. Google Inc. and a Motorola Mobility Holdings  [Read More…]

iOS 6 Development Under Way

iOS 6 User Agent iOS 6 running on an iPad is beginning to make appearances in web logs, indicating that Apple is working on a future release of their mobile operating system. Virtually nothing is known about iOS 6 at this time, but it should come as no surprise that Apple is working on versions of iOS beyond the current iOS 5.1 beta. The iOS 6 server log entries were first  [Read More…]

App Development By the Numbers – Android Sputters While iOS Surges

Beyond the sheer number of devices sold, one of the biggest ways to Apple and Google try to position themselves as having the top mobile platform is by comparing the number of third-party apps available for users to download. Apple usually takes the number of apps available one step further when comparing iOS to Android by pointing out how many apps take advantage of the iPad’s tablet features such as  [Read More…]

Apple’s VP of iWork to Spearhead Digital Textbook Creation Tool Development

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s vice president of the iWork suite of productivity applications, Roger Rosner, is heading up the development of Apple’s entry into the textbook market. This news comes just shortly before Apple’s education focused event in New York City. Rosner, who is an Apple veteran, currently oversees the development of the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers Mac applications along with heading up the iOS variants of the three Apple productivity applications. Rosner currently works under  [Read More…]

Is Nintendo Trying To Lure iOS Developers Into Wii U Development?

Following a report that claims Nintendo is set to open up its own app store for its upcoming Wii U console, there are now suggestions that the Japanese gaming giant is “actively courting” iOS developers in a bit to lure them over to Wii U game development. One developer reports that the company even offered “assistance” with porting their title from iOS to be played on the console’s new controller,  [Read More…]

New Job Openings at Apple Hint at Siri API and Further Siri Development

As we all knew, Apple is continuing to work on Siri, their exclusive personal assistant feature found in the iPhone 4S. This is now being confirmed as a pair of job openings for experienced iOS software engineers appear on the company’s site. According to Apple’s Siri user interface manager Dan Keen, Apple is seeking qualified people to join the team that implemented the user interface for Siri and help “make the next big thing even  [Read More…]

Standford Offers Its Popular iPhone And iPad App Development Course For Free On iTunes U

The 21st century is the first time in history that you’ve been able to go to college without actually enrolling. Ivy League school Stanford is offering its popular iOS app development course for free in iTunes U. The most up to date version of the course on developing for iOS 5 is available, and any iTunes customer can download class lectures and presentation slides. From the Stanford University website:  [Read More…]