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Stanford University Launches (FREE) iOS 5 App Development Course

Jobs and Stanford have a good history together. Stanford University is launching a free online class so that students can learn how to develop applications for iOS 5 on Apple’s iDevice lineup. As OSX Daily reports, the lectures for learning the basics for coding in iOS 5 can be downloaded for free from iTunes U. Here’s a link to the free download from iTunes. This is a great introductory course from a very good university. I recommend  [Read More…]

Slimmer, Faster MacBook Pro ‘Airs’ Are In Development For 2012 Release [Rumor]

It’s been three years since the last major design refresh of the MacBook Pro, and we’ve been hearing whispers for almost a year that the next major update would see Apple’s professional line of laptops take on some of the characteristics of the MacBook Air line: slimmer profiles, ubiquitous SSDs, no optical drives. If those updates sound swell to you, good news. Inside sources say Apple’s already working on the  [Read More…]

Mac OS X 10.8 Development Under Way

Mac OS X 10.8 spotted Not surprisingly, Mac OS X 10.8 development is well under way, and some Apple employees are using the OS on a regular enough basis for them to show up in analytics logs across the Apple web. Our own OS X 10.8 usage graph is shown above, which shows a clear uptick in everyday use of the development OS over the past few months. Narrowing down for  [Read More…]

Apple Releases Xcode 4.2 Free Development Tools For Mac OS X Lion & Snow Leopard

Apple’s development tools for Mac OS X and iOS are joining the iOS 5 launch party today with the release of Xcode 4.2. The new version of Xcode is now available as a free download in the Mac App Store or through the regular Apple developer website.   So go get your free copy of Xcode 4.2 which supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and iOS 5  [Read More…]

Another One Bites the Dust: Intel Halts Development of Meego OS [Report]

With the news that HP is seriously reevaluating the longevity of the webOS platform, it looks like another mobile OS has fallen by the wayside. After being largely abandoned by Nokia for Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, Intel has announced a ‘temporary’ halt on development of Meego. The company will reportedly focus on hardware development for either the Windows Phone OS or Android. DigiTimes reports that Meego development had been halted “due to a lack of enthusiasm for the platform  [Read More…]

Game Development Tool Avoids App Store’s ‘Ranking Rollercoaster’

Playhaven CEO Andy Yang calls it the ‘ranking roller-coaster,’ a lengthy process of app introduction and updates that can turn a hot download into an also-ran in the span of a few months – the time it takes for game developers to get slightly new versions through the Apple App Store. Yang thinks he’s found a way to shorten the app update process from three months to three minutes. “As the  [Read More…]

The Development Of The iPhone Across 4 Generations

Since the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007, Apple has dominated the world of the smartphones and defeated other smartphone vendors around such as Nokia. IntoMobile has made an infographic that traces the evolution of the iPhone. iPhone evolution

Apple Releases Xcode 4.1 Free Development Tools For OS X Lion

Apple’s development tools for OS X and iOS are  joining the OS X Lion launch party today with the release of  Xcode 4.1.  The new version of Xcode is now available as a free download in the Mac App Store or through the regular Apple developer website. It’s interesting to note that Xcode has always been included free of charge with all Macs and as a free download until recently when  [Read More…]