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Let’s say you’re at a conference, and you meet someone you’d like to share your contact information with. You could both download one of many apps in the App Store for this express purpose, you can hand them a business… Read more ›     

BiteSMS, the best jailbreak tweak for SMS addicts, has just been updated to version 8.0, coming out of beta officially and gaining iOS 7 and iPhone 5s support. BiteSMS 8.0 is available for all jailbroken iOS 7 devices, and offers… Read more ›     

The iOS gaming experience is about to get a whole lot more interactive, thanks to Israeli startup Umoove. With its new app Umoove Experience, downloadable free of charge from the App Store, gamers can have a go at piloting a… Read more ›     

According to research group Gartner, more than one billion Android-powered devices will be sold in 2014. The consultancy claims that some version of the Android OS will be found on 1.1 billion tablets, smartphones, watches and other gadgets purchased this… Read more ›     

When the iOS 7 jailbreak from Team Evad3rs was first released, it was buggy as all get-out, largely because it had been released without giving the larger jailbreak community any heads-up. Even Saurik, the keeper of the Cydia app store, wasn’t given warning… which means that when the iOS 7 jailbreak went live, MobileSubstrate — […]        [Read More...]

Yes, Joshua Young is a doctor. And yes, the strange device he built and now wields is indeed sonic. But no, it’s not a screwdriver. Instead, Joshua’s intricate alloy AUUG controller is a imaginative musical device that turns the iPhone… Read more ›     

iPhone in Lost Mode Lost Mode is an outstanding feature of Find My iPhone that allows you to remotely lock an iPhone with a passcode and an on-screen message, rendering the device unusable while in “Lost Mode” until the passcode is entered correctly. Making this feature even better is the ability to choose a contact phone number for the locked device, and calling that number becomes the only actionable item on the lock  [Read More...]

Despite the presence of the anti-theft Find My iPad solution, thefts of iPads (along with other tablets) have soared on UK railways over the past year. According to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, thefts of iPads are… Read more ›     

It’s a little hard to describe what exactly Device 6, the new project from developer Simogo, is, exactly. Device 6 by Simogo Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $ 3.99 It’s kind of a visual novel. It’s also kind…

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Device 6 Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor's Pick]

Seriously, you guys, you have got to try out Device 6, from developer Simogo Games Yeah, I know it’s $ 3.99, but dammit, skip the latte this morning and just buy this game. Oh, and watch the video below. The intro…

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The post Device 6 Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor's Pick] appeared first on Cult of Mac.

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