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When iPhone power is low, this device can take charge

Some day battery anxiety will not be an issue. Until then, we cope by way of the many charging accessories that exist for iPhones. Lightning cords, docks, power banks, battery cases . . . Every manufacturer claims their product is better, faster or the only one of its kind. The XI.i.CON by Benchsoft, makes it […]

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Old iOS device? These iOS 9 features will work just fine

If you want to use the new gee-whiz features of iOS 9, like Picture in Picture to FaceTime with your significant other while you write a paper in Pages, or you want to Slide Over a Twitter app to keep track of all the goings on while you surf the web, you’re going to need […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Cars are ‘ultimate mobile device’ and other Apple insights from Jeff Williams

Apple’s VP of operations, Jeff Williams, took the stage at Recode’s Code Conference today to talk about everything from his pride and joy (ResearchKit), to the future of Apple Watch. A full lineup of new software and products are sure… Read more ›

Forget Apple Watch, this Android Wear device runs Mac OS

Released in 1987, the Macintosh II was a significant breakthrough for Apple, being the first Mac to boast color graphics. Now close to 30 years later, an enterprising fanboy has figured out how to squeeze a fully-functional version of Apple’s… Read more ›

5 Apple Watch stands wothy of cradling your beautiful device

The Apple Watch is such a stunningly gorgeous piece of engineering that throwing it down on your nightstand at the end of a hard day — as if it were a common-as-dirt Android Wear device — is borderline insulting. What you need is an equally… Read more ›

This device turns your iPhone into a mobile microsope

Humankind is not depending on me to cure some terrible epidemic. That takes the pressure off and lets me have a little fun as I try a device that turns my iPhone into a fairly powerful microscope. With a clip-on… Read more ›

This brute-force device can crack any iPhone’s PIN code

Touch ID might be a more convenient and secure security implementation than PIN codes, but for now at least PINs are sticking around — which makes your iPhone vulnerable to anyone who gets their hands on it. Of course, your… Read more ›

Mount your mobile device to any surface with the Neutron S plus more! [Deals]

Like a bucket of extra crispy, Cult of Mac Deals has got tasty offers that are finger licking good – and you won’t need coronary bypass surgery afterwards! Huzzah! There’s a whole bunch of deals on cool tech that are… Read more ›

Plastc organizes all your cards in one device

LAS VEGAS — Apple Pay is cool, but what if you don’t have the latest iPhone 6? The Plastc Card might be for you. Plastc is a chameleon-like electronic card that stores up to 20 cards — debit, credit, gift… Read more ›