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iOS Unicode Bug Crashes Messages App & Reboots Devices, Here’s a Workaround

A bug with text rendering in iOS allows a specifically arranged text message to crash the Messages app on iPhone and iPad and then reboot the device. When the device has booted back again, the Messages app becomes unavailable as it crashes immediately upon launch, which has caused some users to think the problem is … Read More

These old Apple devices are about to become obsolete

If your iPhone 3G breaks a month from now, prepare to be mostly out of luck. Apple has released a list of devices that will stop receiving repair and parts service in Apple Stores on June 9. The full list,…

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Argentine authorities catch massive illegal shipment of Apple devices

An illegal shipment of gadgets worth almost $ 800,000, including 500 Apple products, has been seized by Argentine authorities. The products were on their way to Argentina from the U.S., with the aim of avoiding the import restrictions the country puts…

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In just 24 hours, Apple Watch outsold all Android Wear devices ever

It’s too early to tell exactly how well the Apple Watch will do in the grand scheme of things, or even if it will ultimately win the wearable war. But one thing’s for sure, it’s off to a hell of…

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HBO Now finally lands on Apple devices

HBO Now has finally landed on Apple TV, giving users access to stream HBO’s entire catalog of shows a live programming for just $ 14.99. The new service is launch exclusively with Apple today, and will also be available to iPhone…

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Why iOS 8 may seem slow even on modern devices

Accusations that iOS 8 is slower than Apple’s previous mobile operating systems have circulated since the software debuted in 2014. Although it works great most of the time on my iPhone 6 Plus, you don’t have to look far to find people…

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How an entire Modern Family episode was shot using iOS devices

Tonight, history is made as Modern Family becomes the first major TV show to ever air an episode shot almost entirely using Apple products — ranging from the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 to MacBook FaceTime cameras. But while Apple…

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Visit Open Web Pages on Other Devices with iCloud Tabs

Safari iCloud Tabs are a great feature that allow you to visit and access any actively opened web page in Safari on another iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This is really handy if you found something interesting on your iPhone but you’d rather read it on your iPad or Mac, or vice versa, and in some … Read More

Keep your iOS devices charged on the go with our best portable battery backups[Deals]

Love your iOS device but hate the inconvenience of having to recharge it? Recharging your iPhone, iPad, or iPod means downtime that can ause you to miss opportunities. Luckily, there are a host charging options available for your iOS device…

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Apple could sell 320 million iOS devices in 2016

Last year, despite the constant cries from naysayers that Cupertino had lost its edge, Apple blew past all expectations by shipping over 259.5 million iOS devices. So how many iOS devices will Apple ship in 2016? According to one reputable…

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