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Apple’s New Diagnostic Tool Could Fix Your iPhone Just By Loading Up Mobile Safari

Apple is�reportedly�working on a brand new new online diagnostics tool that could solve problems with your iOS device through your mobile Safari browser � saving you a trip to your local Apple store.

The report comes from HardMac, which claims that the system works by sending you a unique URL which you visit on your iOS device. The web-based software is then able to gather information from your device and determine a  [Read More…]

Vehicle Diagnostic App Translates “Check Engine” Light In To English

I hate the check engine light located just to the right of my speedometer. It comes on. It goes off. I’ve decided it has a mind of its own. Nothing irritates me more than having that thing come on, then taking my car in for a diagnosis, only to find out I paid $70 to be told nothing was actually wrong and they reset my diagnostic system.

I’m almost convinced I need to purchase the GL1  [Read More…]