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3.1 billion deer died for Dominations to slay mobile gaming

Dominations is one my new favorite games on my iPhone; it combines the gameplay of Clash of Clans (build a city, attack other cities) along with a more historic approach. You’ll take your city from Bronze Age to the Space…Read more ›

Kanye West says Steve Jobs should have given away his ideas before he died

With Kanye West’s astute analysis of Apple’s business, his close friendship with Steve Wozniak, and his unabashed love for “Jony Ives” (sic), Tim Cook must count his lucky stars every day that he managed to scoop the role of Apple CEO out…Read more ›

5 TV shows that died too soon (and 5 that should be killed)

Agree? Disagree? Did we miss out your favorite hidden TV gem, that was taken from us before it had the chance to find its audience? Or did we want to send a show you love off to the Sarlacc pit…Read more ›

Ex-NeXT Developer: Steve Jobs “Would Have Died Before Giving In To The NSA”


Andrew Stone at AltWWDC.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Andrew Stone, an indie NeXT developer who worked with Steve Jobs for almost a quarter century, believes that Jobs would’ve never let Apple be a part of the United States National Security surveillance program PRISM.

“Steve Jobs would’ve rather died than give into that, even though he had a lot of friends at the NSA,” he told Cult of Mac, shaking his head. “Microsoft  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Died With A Letter From Bill Gates At His Bedside

Microsoft founder and renowned, mega-richphilanthropist Bill Gates recently sat down with The Telegraph to talk about current affairs and his relationship with the late Steve Jobs. Despite their professional rivalry, Jobs and Gates had been good friends for many years. Gates revealed in the interview that he sent Jobs a personal letter that was kept by his bedside during his last days. Some months before Jobs died, Gates paid him  [Read More…]

Apple reports that Steve Jobs has died

RIP Steve JObs Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, the charismatic visionary who reshaped both the computing and entertainment industries, died today. He was 56. Apples board of directors issued the following statement: If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email[email protected]     Jobs had been suffering from various health issues following  [Read More…]