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Diehard Microsoft fans abandon Windows Phone for iPhone

If you needed any more confirmation that Windows Phone is dead in the water, two of its most high profile supporters have abandoned it for the iPhone. Veteran Microsoft journalists Ed Bott and Tom Warren both published essays this week…Read more ›

Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki Explains Why He’s A Diehard Android User

Guy Kawasaki was one of the Apple employees behind the legendary marketing of its 1984 Macintosh, and he’s well known among the Apple community for being a former evangelist of the Cupertino company. You might think, then, that when Kawasaki’s phone rings, it’s an iPhone he pulls out of his pocket.

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kawasaki’s a diehard Android fan, and he has been for about a  [Read More…]

Why Waiting In Line For The Latest iPhone Is No Longer Just For Diehard Apple Fans

You’ll be stuck behind a lot of promoters when you line up for the iPhone 5.

There was a time when waiting in line for Apple’s latest iPhone meant you were a diehard fan who could think of nothing worse than not getting the device on launch day. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case: Lines have already started forming for the iPhone 5 outside of Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in  [Read More…]

This Insanely Great History Of Mac Print Is The Perfect $20 Holiday Gift For Your Favorite Apple Die-Hard

Looking for a nice Christmas gift for the Apple diehard in your life? Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Labs latest print, The Insanely Great History of Apple, gorgeously maps out the complete history of Apple products over the course of the last thirty years: from the original Apple I to the MacBook Air, from the Newton to the iPhone 4S. Printed on 100 lb. archival stock certified by the Forest Stewardship Council,  [Read More…]