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Cat On A Diet – Like A Bunch Of Games You’ve Already Played [Review]

Cat on a DietYou know what people love? Cats. Just look at the Internet: It has cats everywhere. You know what else people love? Breaking stuff. Just look at Angry Birds. Cat on a Diet by Nawia Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $0.99 And a third thing people love? Taking two things and jamming […]

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Flabby Info Habits? Get On the Google Now Diet!

jellybeans (1)

I’ve decided to use Google Now exclusively for a long list of tasks. I’m calling it the Google Now Diet.

Here’s why I’m doing it. New technology is great. Trouble is, we’re all stuck with habits formed by old technology.

For example, when you want to search, what do you do? I habitually type in a search in the URL address bar or go to Google.com.

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Go on a Diet & Get Healthy with Siri

Find the number of Calories in food, from Siri

The next time you’re wondering how many grams of sugar are in that donut and if it’s going to cut into your allotted daily calorie intake of junk food, just pull out your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri. Thanks to Siri’s ability to tap into the wealth of knowledge at Wolfram Alpha, you can use Siri to retrieve detailed dietary information.

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This Weeks Must-Have iOS Apps: Yahoo! Axis, Diet Coda, Facebook Camera & More [Roundup]

This week’s roundup features new apps from Yahoo!, Facebook, Google, and more.

Kicking off this weeks must-have apps roundup is a new web browser from Yahoo! called Axis, which hopes to redefine web searching on desktops and iOS devices. Weve also got a terrific app for web editors, one thatll help you monitor which apps are accessing your personal data, and two new apps from Facebook.  [Read More…]