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China Telecom Posts Ad For A Very Different Looking iPhone 5C

originalLate last night, a verified account for China Telecom popped up on Weibo and posted an advertisement for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C… and it seems to imply that iPhone 5C is a much different design than we think. The post, which was quickly pulled, said that China would be one of the first […]

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The Budget iPhone May Actually Just Be A Plastic iPhone 5 In Different Colors [Rumor]

Budget iPhone part leaks indicate that the device will have the same dimensions as the iPhone 5.Since the beginning of this year, reports have been saying that Apple is working on a cheaper, ‘budget’ iPhone. In the last several months, we’ve seen part leaks and more info point towards Apple releasing the plastic-enclosed device this fall alongside the flagship iPhone 5S. Apple has always dropped the price on the previous  [Read More…]

Leaked Docs Suggest Budget iPhone Lite Will Come In Two Different Configurations [Rumor]

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.46.55 AMThere’s a lot of smoke suggesting a fire coming our way. We’ve seen countless leaks, rumors and reports that say Apple will release a budget iPhone Lite in September: a plastic-bodied mid-range phone which Apple will be able to offer for $0 on contract, making a dent in the mid-range market. We’re pretty sure the […]

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New Tweak Lets You Choose From 7 Different Unlock Animations On Your iPhone [Jailbreak]

LiveWire-Pro-iPhoneThere’s nothing wrong with the default unlock animation on iOS, but having lived with it for six years, it’s nice to have a change. With LiveWire Pro, a new tweak for jailbroken iPhones, you can choose from seven different unlock animations and quickly switch to another when you fancy a change. You may have already […]

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HP Confirms It Will Re-Enter Smartphone Race With Something ‘Different’

HP-Pre-3HP famously gave up on its smartphone and tablet business back in 2011 when it announced that it would no longer be developing hardware powered by its webOS platform. But two years later, the company is planning to have another crack at it. Yam Su Yin, HP’s Senior Director of Consumer PCs and Tablets, has […]

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Apple Announces A Completely Different Mac [Video]



Even though we don’t know the release date or price, people are absolutely drooling over the new Mac Pro that Apple announced at WWDC. It’s tiny, black, and powerful as hell, so who can blame them.

But what if Apple announced a completely different Mac than the one we saw on Monday? What if, Apple announced the Big Mac? Check out this hilarious WWDC keynote mashup video from Simon Balch  [Read More…]

Use A Different Hard Drive To Startup Your Mac With These Keyboard Tips [OS X Tips]


Starting up your Mac each day may seem a simple thing, right? Just press the power key on your keyboard or main Mac unit, hear the Mac chime, and then get to work, right?

Sometimes, though, you might want to boot a Windows partition with Boot Camp, or start up from a network volume. Heck, you might even want to start from a completely different OS X disk.

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Iron Man 3′s 18 Different Armor Suits Will Soon Land On Your Android, iOS Device


The exotic Iron Patroit armor, featured prominently in trailers for the movie.

The release of Iron Man 3 for Android and iOS is almost upon us, and Gameloft sent us a sneak peak of the 18 different Iron Man armor suits available to the player in the game.

These gorgeous images augment the trailer Gameloft released of their endless runner (the category of game Iron Man 3 falls into) last month. The  [Read More…]

There Will Be “At Least” Two iPhone 5S Models In Different Sizes [Analyst]

This mockup shows what a family of different sized iPhones might look like.

This mockup shows what a family of different sized iPhones might look like.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White received some criticism last week when he revealed in a note to investors that he expects Apple’s much-anticipated television set to come with a “mini iTV” tablet and an “iRing.” But rather than going into hiding until the whole thing is forgotten about, White  [Read More…]

The Teacher Who Illustrated This “Think Different” Chalkboard Was The Ultimate Apple Fan [Image]


Wow, this is incredible. Redditor Kepgnar works in the tech department of a charter school. Every month, one of the departments has to put together a message for the school’s official announcement chalkboard.

Here’s what Kepgnar came up with: a meticulously drawn “Think Different.” logo with an actually working QR code which, when scanned, leads to the YouTube version of the original commercial narrated by Steve Jobs.

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