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While the “cloud†is becoming a more prominent way to work and store files, there are some tools that users still feel more comfortable keeping in their own toolbox as opposed to a shared one. Take the Adobe Crative Suite,… Read more ›     

President Obama used an iPad for an impromptu interview during a recent appearance at a Maryland middle school. The President — who has previously claimed that he spends hours using the iPad each day — seemed perfectly at home as… Read more ›     

Have too much stuff on your computer and don’t know what to do with all of it? Now you can backup 100GB of your files for one year in a secure online backup application so you can share, access, and… Read more ›     

How A Startup Made The View-Master Digital and Cool

Remember the View-Master? I used to spend hours looking at 3D reels but after awhile the same pictures got boring. Now, a Kickstarter startup called Poppy has taken the immersive 3D scenes concept but instead of stock photos, you can… Read more ›     

Acclaimed biographer Walter Isaacson is crowdsourcing editorial comments for his new book — which will focus on innovators of the digital age. The book will begin with 19th century computer pioneer Ada Lovelace, and continue to the present day. So… Read more ›     

Paper is quickly becoming a thing of the past, so we’re offering you a three year digital subscription of Hacker Monthly that you can enjoy on any device you want (PDF, MOBI, EPUB format), DRM-Free for the price of just… Read more ›     

If you’re a budding artist who wants to take on the digital world in a big way, then the latest offer from Cult of Mac Deals is for you. The Astounding Artist Bundle consists of five killer apps that you… Read more ›     

The Magazine is a Newsstand periodical that publishes five articles every other week. Created by Marco Arment, it is now owned and run by Glenn Fleishman, a veteran journalist who also writes for The Economist and elsewhere. As the first… Read more ›     

Western Digital has been emailing customers and warning them about hard drives “experiencing data loss when updating to Apple’s OS X Mavericks.” The problem seems to effect multiple kinds of drives, including the company’s popular MyBook lineup. According to Western…

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801255468dc7e54537debf44de1b5670_largeThere’s something beautifully absurd about the Hasselnuts Kickstarter project, which mounts your iPhone on the back of a Hasselblad 500-series film camera and uses it as an 8MP sensor for a camera that – in analog form – was considered hi-resolution enough to take photos on the moon. Then again, if you do have an […]

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