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Whether you’re a designer, animator, or any other kind of creative, your work requires skill, taste and, just as importantly, tools. Whether you’re making 3D architectural schematics, designing signage, or crafting a post-Internet seapunk masterpiece in MS Paint, we’ve assembled some of the best gear and lessons to empower your work at some of the […]

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The classic Holga camera finally goes digital

I have three Holga cameras sitting in a box with at least one still loaded with film. Plastic and unpredictable, the low-fi aesthetic makes portraits and landscapes look dreamy and from another time. But film isn’t as easy or as cheap to develop, scan and print as it once was, so many photographers like me […]

Sometimes the future is a fuzzy picture. This was literally true when looking at a 0.3-megapixel image produced by one of the first consumer digital cameras, Apple’s doomed QuickTake.  Launched in 1994, the QuickTake didn’t exactly take off. The bulky… Read more ›

My Apple Watch is getting a little crufty. I wear it every day, including when I sweat a lot, as during a run, for example. As such, the Digital Crown started to get a little tough to turn. It took… Read more ›

There is a slight soapbox on which I stand sometimes when I write about photography. Nothing too high-minded, but when the topic allows, I will gently remind people to print out their pictures from their iPhones and computers. Today, I… Read more ›

A new report published today by Adobe demonstrates that, when it comes to both pay TV and the devices people choose for consuming digital media, Apple trounces the competition. Having once dismissed its own Apple TV offering as just a “hobby,” the… Read more ›

Apple TV will be the new digital hub for HomeKit

Hidden in HomeKit documentation published today is the intriguing confirmation that Apple TV will serve as the digital hub for Apple’s new home-automation setup. It’s a reminder of just how seriously Apple now treats the set-top box that it dismissed as… Read more ›

The Asus ZenWatch 2 smartwatch certainly has something familiar about it, right? The latest Android Wear device to be shown off at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Asus’ new timepiece sticks by and large to the form factor of… Read more ›

When you hit your Apple Watch’s side button, just under the Digital Crown, you get a list of the contacts you‘ve marked as Favorites in order to send your heartbeat or taps to them via Digital Touch, or folks you… Read more ›

Samsung today rolled out its new smartwatch SDK in preparation for “the next generation Gear device,” and it confirms one of the wearable’s biggest selling points (and Samsung’s answer to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown) — a new rotating bezel. Samsung’s… Read more ›