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How to Always Show Library Folder in MacOS Catalina User Home Directory

More advanced Mac users may wish to have the user ~/Library folder always visible in their Home directory for various reasons. With MacOS Catalina, you can have the user Library folder always shown and visible by toggling a settings option in the Finder. This article will show you how to do that, with the end … Read More

Where’s the Temp Folder on Mac OS? How to Find & Open the Mac Temporary Directory

The Mac operating system has several system level temporary folders which contain temp files used by MacOS itself along with various Mac apps. This temp folders are not intended to be user facing, but in some rare situations an advanced Mac user may find themselves requiring to locate the temp folder and maybe even to … Read More

Flatten a Nested Directory & File Hierarchy from Command Line of OS X

Have you ever needed to flatten a directory structure, moving all file contents from a directories child folders into a single folder? While you can do this manually by moving around files and folders from the file system of OS X or Linux, a faster option is to turn to the command line. Maybe at … Read More

Recursively Create a Nested Directory Structure & All Subfolders with a Single Command

Creating a series of nested directories within one another can be done instantly through the command line. This makes it very easy to immediately and recursively create a complex directory structure of folders within subfolders of subfolders, without having to navigate manually into each directory to create a new directory, then navigate again to that … Read More

iTunes 11.2.1 Fixes the Missing /Users Directory Issue for Mac OS X

Apple has released iTunes 11.2.1, an update that, curiously, resolves the issue where some users encountered their /Users folder gone missing along with changed permissions to the same directory. Initially thought to be a bug with the OS X 10.9.3 update, apparently the problem was actually related to the accompanying update to iTunes. The 11.2.1 … Read More

Find The Directory Path Of Documents (Or Rename Them) With Proxy Icons [OS X Tips]

Proxy IconsThe OS X Finder is an amazing thing, letting you create folder within folder, duplicate files, find your documents, and generally get stuff done. More and more, the Finder features are being integrated across all apps and documents on your Mac. Case in point is the ability to find the directory path of a document […]

The post Find The Directory Path Of Documents (Or Rename Them) With Proxy Icons  [Read More…]

Save to a Target Directory or Buried Path in Mac OS X the Fast Way

Have you ever wished you could quickly save a file to a target directory, one that had a lengthy path buried somewhere deep in OS X? It turns out that by using the excellent Go To Folder shortcut, you can do exactly that, and if you know the destination path or have it in your clipboard, you don’t even need to click around in the Save dialog window to navigate through those deep directory structures.

Save to Target Destination By  [Read More…]

4 Ways to Quickly Access the Root Directory in Mac OS X

Like other forms of unix, the root directory of Mac OS X is simply /, but from the Finder it also takes the name of your primary hard drive. By default that is “Macintosh HD”, and newer versions of OS X have started to hide the root folder from users because most users simply don’t need to access the root subdirectories. If you renamed Macintosh HD to something else, you’ll need to replace your name throughout the walkthrough here when  [Read More…]

Open a New Terminal From the Current Finder Directory With Go2Shell

Go2Shell opens new terminal from a Finder window Go2Shell is a free Finder toolbar add-on that creates a new Terminal window from the current directory of any desktop folder in Mac OS X with a click of a button. This is similar to the services option that can be added to the right-click contextual menu, but Go2Shell is faster due to resting in the Finder toolbar and being accessible with a  [Read More…]

Set the Path Bar to be Relative to the Home Directory in Mac OS X Finder

Finder Path Bar from the Home Folder Heres another tip from Keir Thomas, author of Mac Kung Fu, a new book with over 300 tips, tricks, hints and hacks for Mac OS X Lion. Its available from Amazon, and also in eBook form for all eReader devices, including Kindle. Finder can show the path to the currently browsed folder  [Read More…]