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Learning to code for mobile means getting your hands dirty [Deals]

So you want to code for iOS 9. If you’re serious about it, you’ll have to be ready to dig in with both hands, to get a grip on the concepts, techniques and languages of mobile development. That’s exactly what this in-depth course offers in covering development for iOS 9 and Swift 2. With 77 […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Ashley Madison hack airs tech’s dirty laundry

Some of the tech world’s brightest may have been caught with their hard drives in the wrong place. Email accounts from some of the biggest technology companies, including Apple and IBM, were among those outed as a result of the recent hack on Ashley Madison, the dating website for infidelity. IBM topped the list of […][Read More…]

Dirty car artist leaves masterpieces in the dust

He is an Eagle Scout, a versatile bar-band drummer and a senior GUI designer for a company that creates mobile apps for the health care industry. But Scott Wade is famous for drawing dirty pictures. It’s not the content that…Read more ›

Sony hack reveals dirty secrets behind Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie

If Aaron Sorkin had his way, Tom Cruise would be Steve Jobs. That’s one of the juicy details to have surfaced from leaked emails between Sorkin and Sony, the studio Sorkin had originally partnered with to make the film. The leaks also reveal…Read more ›

Dirty emoji make sexting simple (NSFW)

With packages of dirty emoji filed under group headings like Teen Dream and Fetish 101, the artistically perverted designers at Flirtmoji are ready to help the masses up their sexting game. Anatomically correct emoji, plus classic icons of the sexual…Read more ›

Talk dirty to me: Sext Adventure is an iPhone game all about sexting

Are you bummed that don’t have anyone to sext with, or that the sexting has dried up in your relationship? Don’t worry. Thanks to a new game, you can sext just as easily as picking up your iPhone and sending…Read more ›

We Love Google’s Chromecast And Think You Will Too—Catch The Dirty Deets On Our All-New CultCast

new-cultcast-site-promo-pic-heath.jpgThis week on the ‘ol CultCast: why Google’s new Chromecast is great for us Apple fans; the 5S might be the biggest S-upgrade ever; Apple’s earnings make a low-cost iPhone look likely; how to best connect your iDevice to your car stereo; the Dev Center gets hacked; and then, Tim Cook sings Barbie Girl! Have […]

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Siri Knows You’re A Dirty Cheater At Video Games [Easter Egg]



Siri knows everything (kind of). She even knows when you’re trying to use the Konami Code to cheat your way towards world domination.

In a newly discovered Siri Easter egg, if you try to give Siri the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start), she’ll chide you for your cheating ways.

Here are two other responses you can get in the Easter egg: 

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