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Apps Disappearing from iPhone or iPad? Try This Fix!

Have you ever found that apps are disappearing from your iPhone or iPad? Maybe you hadn’t used a particular app in a while but you know for certain you downloaded it to your iOS device, but when you go looking for that app, it’s missing. While it’s certainly possible that you deleted the iOS app … Read More

Create your own private disappearing chatroom with Hack.Chat

There are a dozen-odd ways to chat with people these days, from IM to Twitter direct messages to apps like Slack, Snapchat and GroupMe. If you want to create your own with no more fuss than typing in a unique…Read more ›

Apple Maps error covers up sad truth about disappearing Aral Sea

You may have never heard of the Aral Sea, even though it was the fourth largest lake in the world as recently as the 1960’s. The once-gigantic body of water which rests on the border of Uzbekistan has shrunk to…Read more ›

iOS 8.1.2 update is here to fix your disappearing ringtones

Apple has released iOS 8.1.2 to the public today to help solve the mystery of disappearing ringtones on iOS devices. The iOS update is being made available to the public despite never being made available to developers for testing before…Read more ›

iPhone switchers could sue Apple for disappearing iMessages

Apple could find itself facing a class action lawsuit over the loss of “countless” text messages, courtesy of its iMessage service. California resident Adrienne Moore filed a case against Apple back in May this year, saying that she missed out…Read more ›

Stop Videos Disappearing from Messages App in iOS by Disabling Auto-Delete

Have you noticed that after you watch a video message sent to your iPhone or iPad in Messages app, it disappears automatically soon after? It’ll be completely gone from the Messages app and the media overview for the given message thread. That auto-delete video messages feature is new to iOS 8 and is enabled by … Read More

Group photo app adds new twist to Snapchat’s disappearing act

Pikichat could be the next Snapchat. The idea behind the new photo app is ingeniously straightforward: Simply take a picture and then share it among a group of family members or friends. Like Snapchat, the picture will only stay up…Read more ›

iTunes update fixes disappearing /Users folder glitch

Apple might not feel the pressure to rush when it comes to releasing new product lines like the iWatch, but it sure can rush when it needs to. Yesterday we reported on a glitch that saw people’s /Users and /Users/Shared…Read more ›

Peek’s disappearing texts offer Snapchat-style privacy

High-school senior Omar Martin Del Campo and his small team of developers have found a way to make text messaging even more secure. Peek lets you chat with friends via the app and your messages are erased as you read…Read more ›

Smart Cargo Is A Disappearing Sorage Closet For Your iPad Accessories [Review]

Handsome.Smart Cargo bySmarterflo Category: Storage Works With:iPads 2,3 and 4 Price: $20 The Smart Cargo is a portable cubbyhole designed to – literally – stick close to your iPad and keep all of your little widget, gadgets, cables and trinkets safely together. When I first opened the package, sent by the maker and friend of […]

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