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Discover New English, Foreign And Novelty Text-To-Speech Voices in Lion [OS X Tips]

Voice-to-text speech technology quality has improved over the years and Apple is keeping up with the technology by introducing advancements in Mac OS X to support this technology. Mac OS X Lion doesn’t offer a lot of default voice choices, but armed with this tip you’ll find out that there is lot more for your ear to hear than what your eyes can see.     By default Mac OS  [Read More…]

Discover The Hidden Password Reset Tool In Lion [OS X Tips]

Apple provides a password reset utility that is very handy when you really need it. In versions of Mac OS X before Lion you accessed this utility by booting your Mac with the included restore DVD. Mac OS X Lion can still reset passwords, but for unknown reasons Apple decided to hide this ability. Today’s tip will show you how to discover the hidden password reset tool in the Mac OS X Lion Recovery  [Read More…]

Penny Arcade iOS App Will Help You Discover Your Next Gaming Addiction

A new iOS app from Penny Arcade is set to hit the App Store next month with a mission to help you discover your next gaming addiction. Called the Decide-o-tron 8000, the app builds up a library of games based on what you like and what you don’t, then uses its predictive technology to tell you what you should be playing next. In a blog post on the Decide-o-tron website, Penny Arcade’s  [Read More…]