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How To Make A Bootable Disk Or USB Drive Of OS X Mountain Lion

Apple only sells OS X Mountain Lion as a digital download in the Mac App Store. The installer weighs in at a hefty 4.05GB, but the good news is that you can install your copy of Mountain Lion on all of your Macs for no extra charge. Technically, the Mountain Lion installer can be used on an infinite number of Macs once you have it; you just need to make a bootable  [Read More…]

Convert DMG to CDR or ISO with Disk Utility

Convert a DMG to CDR or ISO

Need to convert a DMG disk image file to a CDR or ISO disk image format? Don’t bother downloading any third party tools, all you need for conversion is built right into Mac OS X and you don’t even have to go the command line route for most cases.

Converting a DMG to CDR

Going from DMG to CDR is as easy as it gets:

Mount  [Read More…]

Repair Boot Disk in Mac OS X Lion with Disk Utility & Recovery HD

Repair Disk with Disk Utility

If you have tried to repair the boot volume before in Mac OS X before, you�ll undoubtedly have found the �Repair Disk� option is grey and unavailable within the Disk Utility tool. While this is still the case while booted in OS X Lion, you can repair the Mac OS X boot disk thanks to Lion�s Recovery Partition, preventing the need from using an external boot  [Read More…]

Rare 128k Mac Prototype Surfaces With 5.25? Floppy Disk Drive

Mac 128k with Twiggy Drive

photo: mactwiggy/applefritter

For fans of vintage Macintosh computers and truly rare finds, a very unusual item has just surfaced in the wild: a 128k Macintosh prototype that used a 5.25? �Twiggy� floppy disk mechanism, the same kind Apple used with the first generation Lisa workstation.

Pseudonymous user mactwiggy posted some photographs of his rare find (location unspecified) over at applefritter. Production Mac models  [Read More…]

Monitor Disk Activity in Mac OS X

Monitor Disk Activity in Mac OS X

You can monitor disk activity in Mac OS X by using the Activity Monitor app or several command line tools. Activity Monitor is the easiest and most user friendly, but the Terminal options allow further information to be retrieved.

Watching Disk Activity with Activity Monitor Launch Activity Monitor, located in /Applications/Utilities/, or you can hit Command+Space Bar to bring up Spotlight search and find it  [Read More…]

Password Protect Folders & Files in Mac OS X with Encrypted Disk Images

Password Protect a Folder and Files in Mac OS X

You can password protect files and folders in Mac OS X by using a trick with disk images. Here�s how it works; by placing files inside of an encrypted disk image, that disk image will work like a password protected folder and require a password before it�s mounted, preventing unauthorized access to all of the contents.

How to Password Protect Files &  [Read More…]

Benchmark SSD & Hard Drive Performance with Disk Speed Test for Mac OS X

Mac SSD and Hard Drive benchmark test tool

Want to compare hard disk performance or see just how big of a speed difference that SSD upgrade had? Grab the free Disk Speed Test tool from the Mac App Store, it�s a quick and simple way to measure drive performance. The app works by creating large blocks of temporary data that are written to the drive and then read, allowing for a consistent  [Read More…]

Quickly Select the Startup Disk on the Mac OS X Desktop

Select Startup disk on the Desktop

Want to quickly find and select your boot disk amidst a variety of other internal and external drives? Just hit Command+Shift+? (Command + Shift + Up Arrow) to immediately choose the startup drive on the Mac OS X desktop from anywhere in the Finder.

This command is what the Go To Parent folder shortcut turns into when you hold down the Shift key, which is appropriate  [Read More…]

Macintosh Portable Ejecting a Disk in Space [Video]

In 1991, astronauts took a Macintosh Portable aboard Space Shuttle mission STS-43, amongst other things, it became the first computer to send an email in space. A slightly less historical aspect is this fairly entertaining video clip from that mission, demonstrating the Macintosh Portable�s disk ejection system, which works perhaps a little too well in zero gravity.

��We�ve got a phenomena that we�ve noticed since we�ve gotten into orbit here. The automatic disk ejection system that the Mac has,  [Read More…]

Encrypt The Startup Disk On Your Mac With FileVault 2 [OS X Tips]





Last week I wrote a few tips about disk encryption, but I didn�t write about what to do with the startup disk on your Mac. I cannot think of any reason you shouldn�t encrypt your startup disk after the release of Mac OS X Lion. Apple has made it just to easy for you to encrypt your drive. �It is quick, fast and easy. I�ll show you how today.


  [Read More…]