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Make a RAM Disk Easily with TmpDisk for Mac OS X

Make a RAM Disk easily with TmpDisk for Mac OS X

If you want to quickly make a RAM disk for use on your Mac, you could create one manually through the command line, or you can make it even easier by downloading TmpDisk for Mac OS X. The open source application uses a menu bar item to quickly make ramdisks from anywhere and of any size, the only restraint is that  [Read More…]

Apple Sees a Dismal Time for Hard Disk Drives

The hard disk drive may become more scarce as Thailand companies suffer from floods.

Hard disk drives are the main storage units that hold information on almost every personal computer. They are an important part of the computer that allows the machine to write down data using binary machine language. More importantly, information is saved in bytes. Hard disk drives have a reputation for being very high in the number of bytes that they can store.  [Read More…]

Enable Hidden Secrets and The Debug Menu In Disk Utility [OS X Tips]

This tip is especially handy for Mac OS X Lion users, but it should even work with Mac OS X Snow Leopard too. You�ll be able to activate a hidden debugging menu and other hidden secrets in the Disk Utility app on your Mac in the folders Applications �> Utilities.

In order to turn on these features launch the Terminal app in Applications �> Utilities. �If Disk Utility is running close  [Read More…]

Deals: Get Disk Drill Pro Recover and Undelete Lost Data at 66% Off

Exciting news � we have a new offer on Cult of Mac Deals. �This one is near and dear to my heart as this app has saved my butt multiple times in crisis situations.

Disk Drill is one of those apps that you think (and honestly hope) you�ll never need. It�s the app that you go to�when you delete something then empty your trash bin only later to suddenly realize��$ *(@_!�I  [Read More…]

The Perfect Hard Disk Enclosure for Your Macs External HD If Only It Wasnt Counterfeit

We�ve seen some pretty desirable counterfeit accessories for our Macs before � such as that delightful little card reader from MIC Gadget that featured a glowing Apple logo � but unfortunately, Apple drops its�banhammer�on them before we get chance to buy them.

It looks like the Cupertino company has done the same thing with this little gem, which could be the perfect hard drive enclosure for your Mac.

The iHdd Slim External  [Read More…]

Protect Your Data From Target Disk Mode Security Risks [OS X Tips]

Apple computers have a unique boot option called Target Disk Mode which allows access to a system�s hard drives via Firewire cable in older Macs and a Thunderbolt cable in newer models. You access Target Disk Mode by pressing and holding the �T� key while the system starts and until you see either the Firewire or Thunderbolt symbol on the screen.

Once you see the symbol appear you can connect your  [Read More…]

Lacies Thunderbolt-Equipped Little Big Disk Hits Apple Store

We�ve been anticipating an entire range of new Thunderbolt-equipped gadgets since Apple announced the technology with its latest line of MacBook Pros, and today, the first high-speed external hard drive featuring Thunderbolt technology has hit the Apple Store.

The Little Big Disk from Lacie was first announced back in February, and has begun arriving at Apple Stores both throughout the U.S. and internationally, according to 9to5 Mac.

It is available with either  [Read More…]

Parallels Desktop 7 Update Fixes File Fault & Full Disk Encryption Problems Get It Now!

Late yesterday I reported that Parallels Desktop 7 users were experiencing a mysterious problem that required them to log into and restart their Mac notebooks twice before being able to use the Finder Desktop.�Parallels has released an update that resolves this really annoying problem. So if you haven�t installed it yet launch Parallels Desktop 7 and run a Check for Updates from the Parallels apps menu. Install the update and you  [Read More…]

Apple Gets Sued Over OS X Disk Ultility

Another day, another lawsuit involving our favorite Cupertino company. This time Apple is the defendant, with Software Restore Solutions filing a complaint that claims Apple copied its technology with the Disk Utility tool built into the Mac OS X operating system.

According to the company�s complaint, the Disk Utility feature that was first introduced to the Mac in 2001 copies a feature in a workgroup network manager patent from 1998. According to�Electronista,  [Read More…]

Use Lion Recovery Disk Assistant To Make A USB Recovery Drive [Video How-To]

Apple has just released the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, which allows you to turn any USB flash drive into a Lion recovery disk. This useful tool comes in handy in the event of a hard drive failure. In this video, I�ll show you how to set up a Lion recovery drive the right way and how to use it in the event of a hard drive failure.


The Lion  [Read More…]