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Get Mac OS X to Stop Asking to Use New Disks for Time Machine

All Mac users should setup Time Machine backups with an external hard drive, Time Capsule, or network drive to insure they have regular automatic backups made of their stuff and MacOS X installation. But once you have a backup drive established with Time Machine, or if you use a different backup approach entirely, you may … Read More

Disabling FileVault to Decrypt Mac Hard Disks

While enabling and using FileVault disk encryption is highly recommended for security-conscious Mac users with modern hardware and SSD volumes, some users may decide they do not need to use FileVault for a variety of reasons, or perhaps they just want to disable it for another purpose. That’s what we’re going to demonstrate here, disabling … Read More

These floppy disks play ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ better than Cobain

Arganalth, a 23-year old engineer from Lille, France gives old computer hardware a second life by creating electrical orchestras in a suitcase. His latest masterpiece plays Nirvana’s “Smell’s Like Teen Spirit,” only instead of strumming the cords on a Fender…Read more ›

Instantly Eject All Mounted Drives & Disks from the Command Line in Mac OS X

The next time you’re at the command line and need to eject every single mounted volume, hard drive, disk, disk image, and/or external drive attached to a Mac, you can instantly eject them all in one fell swoop with a handy osascript command string. This is great if you work frequently in the Terminal and … Read More

Encrypt Your Time Machine Backup Disks For Extra Security [OS X Tips]

Encrypt Time Machine BackupsBacking up your Mac via Time Machine is highly recommended, and super easy to do, as well. It’s really the only backup system I’ve ever found myself using on a regular basis, because it’s so simple to use and easy to set up. All you need to do is connect any USB drive to your […]

The post Encrypt Your Time Machine Backup Disks For Extra Security [OS  [Read More…]

Missing Lion Install Disks Cause Frustrated MacBook Air Users To Struggle With System Restores

Apples decision to not include a USB Stick containing a copy of Mac OS X Lion for system recoveries with the new Mid-2011 MacBook Air might be causing the company a bit of a public relations issue this week. A fair number of MacBook Air users are venting their frustrations over the matter on Apples Support Community forums.   The discussion titled When trying to reinstall Lion OS on new  [Read More…]

USB Lion Disks Now Available For Fulfillment Through AppleCare

Been holding out on buying Lion until you can get it on officially sanctioned physical media? According to9to5Mac, LionUSBrecover media is now available for fulfillment an itll even be handed out free to those of us who arent able to use Lions built-in recovery tools to restore their hosed Macs. Thats interesting, because to me, it implies that if you replace your hard drive and need to perform a clean  [Read More…]