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The patent that proves Apple wants to put fingerprint scanners inside displays

Recent reports claim that Apple is looking to eliminate the need for a physical “home” button on future iPhones by integrating Touch ID fingerprint sensors into the main display. Now we have the patent application to prove it! Published Thursday, Cult…Read more ›

Next-gen Apple Watch will reportedly use LG displays exclusively

The Apple Watch just launched seven weeks ago, but people are already speculating what the next generation of wearables is going to look like. And some early reports say that Apple’s sticking with LG to make displays for the Apple…Read more ›

Apple Watch claims half of all smartwatch displays to ship in 2015

34 million smartwatch displays will ship in 2015, and 49 percent of them belong to the Apple Watch. Thanks to Apple entering the market, smartwatch display shipments are set to increase 250 this year, according to a new study of…Read more ›

Mac Setup: MacBook Pro with Twin 24″ Displays

Ready for another featured Mac setup? This time around we’re featuring the great desk setup of Toby R. , a web developer who has a dual display setup and some great under-the-desk cable management. Let’s jump right in and learn more about this setup: What hardware makes up your Mac setup? Hardware includes: MacBook Pro … Read More

Samsung sets up 200 person team to build displays for Apple

Anyone who dreams of Apple giving a “This is Sparta!”-style thrust kick to rival Samsung, forever booting it out of its production process, is going to be sorely disappointed. If anything, Apple’s leaning more heavily than ever on its long-time…Read more ›

Apple plans more power-efficient displays for next tablets, including iPad Pro

Apple will apparently utilize oxide TFT displays for its upcoming next-generation iPad models, according to new reports coming out of Asia — thereby allowing the iPad display panels to consume drastically less power. In order to gain a bigger piece…Read more ›

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have the best displays ever tested

Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays have long been some of the best you can get on a mobile device, and they only get better with the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. According to the experts at DisplayMate, they are the “best…Read more ›

Apple’s next iPhones could have all-new OLED displays

Foxconn’s new $ 2.6 billion factory dedicated to building displays exclusively for Apple will supply OLED panels for future iPhones and wearables, according to a report from leading Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. Long-time Apple manufacturer Foxconn is supposedly working with…Read more ›

Dual displays give this clever Android watch amazing battery life

By far the biggest downside of the modern smartwatch is their lousy battery life. If you’re lucky, you’ll get around two days of use in between charges from an Android Wear device, but the vast majority require top-ups every night. There is one,…Read more ›

Beyond touchscreens: Apple eyes touch-sensitive holographic displays

Apple is investigating touch-sensitive holographic displays for future Macs and iOS devices, according to a new patent published today. As described, the patent would emulate the current touch-based interface for iPhones and tablets, only using near-field proximity in place of…Read more ›