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Future MacBook Air to Support Two External Displays?

MacBook Air and Thunderbolt display Future MacBook Air models are likely to be capable of supporting two external displays in addition to the built-in screen, as powered by the upcoming Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics chipset, according to a recent post on MacRumors. The information comes from a leaked roadmap of Intel’s mobile Ivy Bridge processor plans, which are set for release between April and May of next year, citing  [Read More…]

Apple Reportedly Dropping Samsung in Favor of Sharp for iPad 3 Displays

Apple and Samsung continue to battle each other in courtrooms across the globe and the animosity continues to spill over into their supplier-customer frienemy relationship. Apple is reportedly dropping Samsung as the supplier of Retina Displays for the iPad 3. Apple will replace Samsung’s displays with Sharp manufactured equivalents. Peter Misek at Jefferies & Co. believes Sharp began production of high-resolution displays for Apple’s iPad 3 and will help build displays for the iPhone 5  [Read More…]

MacBook Airs Ship Simultaneously With Samsung and LG Displays

Steve Jobs holds up the new unibody MacBook Air durring its unveiling. It was sometime after the MacBook Air’s refresh this year that it was discovered that the MacBook Air was shipped with two different models of memory. Some were shipped with speedy Samsung flash memory and some were shipped with slower Toshiba flash memory. The speed difference was pretty noticeable and could be easily discovered using the free disk speed test from the Mac App Store.  [Read More…]

Apple Quietly Issues a Fix for Flickering Cinema Displays on Thunderbolt Macs

If you’ve got a new Thunderbolt-capable Mac and you’ve got it hooked up a 24-inch Cinema Display, you’ve probably encountered a bit of flickering every now and again. I know I have, and so have a number of users on Apple’s discussion forums. Thankfully, Apple has issued to firmware update to resolve the issue, but it won’t be coming via Software Update. It’s unclear why Apple has chosen to be so quiet about  [Read More…]

Apple’s iOS Devices Could Get Curved Displays Next Year [Rumor]

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce curved glass displays to its iOS devices as early as next year, according to a new report. The Cupertino company has reportedly invested in glass polishing hardware for its suppliers that will allow them to produce launch the first curved glass device in the first half of 2012.   Three companies have be chosen to supply the curved displays, according to DigiTimes, with Fuji Crystal  [Read More…]

Intel’s Next Processors Will Bring Super High Resolution Retina Displays To The MacBook Air

Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processor could finally bring Retina displays to our Macs, after the company announced support for ’4K displays’ last week. That’s a display with a staggering resolution of 4096×4096 pixels. What’s more, not only can Ivy Bridge processors support one 4K display, but they can handle video processing for 4K QuadHD video as well, according to VR-Zone: Not only can the MFX engine display up to 4096 x  [Read More…]

Thunderbolt Cinema Displays Are Now Shipping

If you ordered yourself one of Apple’s 27-inch Thunderbolt Cinema Displays many moons ago in some kingdom by the sea, great news, Annabel: following the release of up to date Mac firmware, Apple’s started pumping Thunderbolt displays out of its shipping warehouses this morning. So expect to soon get your grubby mitts on one, if you’re so inclined.

Apple Drops Firmware Updates for MacBook Pro, Mac Mini with Thunderbolt Displays Ahead

Following the release of an EFI firmware update for its latest MacBook Air earlier this week, Apple has also prepared its Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro and Mac mini with an EFI firmware update of their own. Now available through Software Update, the updates resolves issues with the upcoming Thunderbolt Display, and signals its release isn’t far away. In addition to fixing issues with the Thunderbolt Display, the update addresses problems with Lion  [Read More…]

Apple Working on 3D Displays With Holographic Gesturing for Future Devices

Your next Apple TV could be more like the Microsoft Kinect than a normal set-top box. Apple has just filed one insanely cool series of patents on 3D display technology. Essentially, Apple has detailed 3D gesture and imaging designs of science fiction proportions. Say goodbye to the remote, and hello to the hologram! Patently Apple explains: “Apple’s patent covers a wild 3D system  [Read More…]

Get The New MacBook Air EFI 2.1 Firmware Just In Time For Thunderbolt Cinema Displays

If you’ve got one of the 2011 MacBook Airs and have been waiting to umbilical it by Thunderbolt to one of Apple’s massive new 27-inch Cinema Displays, Apple’s just pushed live the software that will tell your notebook just how to do so. The MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.1 clocks in at just a hair under 4 megabytes, and not only includes enhanced stability for Lion Recovery over the  [Read More…]