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Apple Working on 3D Displays With Holographic Gesturing for Future Devices

Your next Apple TV could be more like the Microsoft Kinect than a normal set-top box. Apple has just filed one insanely cool series of patents on 3D display technology. Essentially, Apple has detailed 3D gesture and imaging designs of science fiction proportions. Say goodbye to the remote, and hello to the hologram! Patently Apple explains: “Apple’s patent covers a wild 3D system  [Read More…]

Get The New MacBook Air EFI 2.1 Firmware Just In Time For Thunderbolt Cinema Displays

If you’ve got one of the 2011 MacBook Airs and have been waiting to umbilical it by Thunderbolt to one of Apple’s massive new 27-inch Cinema Displays, Apple’s just pushed live the software that will tell your notebook just how to do so. The MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.1 clocks in at just a hair under 4 megabytes, and not only includes enhanced stability for Lion Recovery over the  [Read More…]

Check Out This Amazing Sak’s Fifth Avenue Display Featuring 64 iPad 2s and 27 Apple Cinema Displays [Gallery]

To commemorate the redesign of Stylelist.com, AOL commissioned Gin Lan to create this amazing display at Sak’s Fifth Avenue store featuring 64 iPad 2s, flanked on both sides by nine 27-inch Apple cinema displays… all streaming live content from Stylelist’s site and its official Twitter feed. We’re no huge fan of AOL here, but even we’ve got to admit, this is a pretty righteous use of Apple hardware. Check out more images after  [Read More…]

Thunderbolt Displays Now Shipping To Stores In All Their $999 Sexiness

Remember those sexy 27-inch Thunderbolt displays Apple announced it would sell once they slipped out the first Thunderbolt MacBook? They’re now zooming on their way to stores, featuring FaceTime HD cameras, 2.1 speaker systems, three USB ports, a lone Firewire 800 port, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a second Thunderbolt port for daisy chaining. Don’t expect this to all run cheap, though. You’ll spend $ 999 for one, or about  [Read More…]

How the “Smart Sign” iPad Displays at Your Local Apple Store Actually Work

Photo by connorsmac • http://bit.ly/lHbkpf

If you walk into an Apple store these days you will find tons of iPads on display. No, we aren’t talking about the iPads that are actually available for purchase, but instead the ones that sit next to each and every Apple product with descriptions, details and interactive elements. These iPads run an internal Apple app called “Smart Sign,” and the app is meant to help connect you with Apple  [Read More…]

Apple Tests iPad 3 Retina Displays from Samsung, LG

Apple’s third-generation iPad could boast a display that goes way beyond full 1080p HD, according to a new report. The Cupertino company is said to be testing 2048×1536 displays from both Samsung and LG that would finally bring a Retina display to its much-loved tablet.   Despite rumors that Apple is shifting its component supply away from Samsung after a collection of recent legal spats, the two companies may continue to  [Read More…]