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Apple Music dives into VR with new U2 music video

Apple and U2 have gotten together again to promote their greatness, only instead of force feeding you an album you don’t want, this time the duo is diving into virtual reality for the band’s new video for “Song for Someone.” The 360-degree U2 video is one of the first signs Apple is interested in VR […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Shares Drop Below 400, As DOW Dives 220 Points


AAPL shares have dropped below $ 400 in early morning trading on Monday. The DOW and NASDAQ both opened to big losses as they dropped 220 points and 53 points.

The share price drop may also be due in part to a report this morning that Apple has significantly reduced iPhone orders for the remainder of 2013. AAPL shares dropped below $ 400 in April for the first time in over 16  [Read More…]

Marvin Reader App Dives Deeper Into E-books [Review]

Neat, clear and clever: Marvin for iOS.

Marvin is a neat little e-book reader for iOS – free for now, but likely to cost about $ 2 by next week. It’s packed with useful features for serious readers and students, plus some ingenious new ideas we’ve not seen in other e-book reading apps.

Note from the outset that Marvin only reads ePub files – widely used and very popular, but not the  [Read More…]