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Hot New iHome iW1 Dock Joins the AirPlay Party

Everyone seems to want some AirPlay action. The newest dock crash onto the stage is this AirPlay-equipped, sleek-looking monolith from iHome, the iW1 ($ 300). Like the iP1 we reviewed almost two years ago, the iW1 boasts enhanced Bongiovi DPS technology; unlike the iP1, this dock is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery ó but no actual physical dock, which is the direction these units seem to be heading in.  [Read More…]

This Mini Stylus Lives in Your iPhone or iPadís Dock Connector

Appleís devices were designed work wonderfully without the need for a stylus, but sometimes they come in handy for certain things. But where do you keep them? Thereís no room for a stylus in the iPad itself like those old touchscreen devices you no longer see, and if you clip it to the from of your Smart Cover itís going to keep falling off. The JAVOedge Mini Stylus, however, fits neatly  [Read More…]

This Enormous iPhone Is So Big It Needs An Entire Living Room To Dock It

While Apple obsesses on slimming down the next iPhone, maker Benjamin Bachmeier instead focused on blowing the iPhone 4 up to Brobdingnagian proportions. Thatís why he took a 40-inch LCD 1080p display and installed it in the body of an enormous white iPhone 4. Bachmeier calls it the iTableous, and while it doesnít run OS X, it is a pretty impressive Hackintosh. All the buttons even work, and it even has a hinge so you can use it while sitting  [Read More…]

Iomega SuperHero Dock for iPhone Provides iTunes-Free Backup

The push to make iPhones, iPads and all Apple’s portables, iTunes and desktop independent is nothing new to those closely following Apple’s iCloud efforts. However, a new iPhone dock from Iomega provides a slightly different take on cordless backup. The Iomega SuperHero looks like a normal iPhone dock, but a SDHC card slot allows users to backup their contacts, photos and charge their device. Users must first download a free app from the App Store  [Read More…]

BlueLoungeís MiniDock Turns Any Electric Socket Into An iPhone Dock

Thereís two main ways of charging your iPhone or iPod: you either plug it into your computer or you plug it into your wall. Either way, though, youíll need a USB cable to get juice to your device. Thatís why the BlueLounge MiniDock is so brilliant. Just plug it into your standard Apple chargerís USB port and itíll allow you to dock your iPhone or iPod so it sits leaning  [Read More…]

Bamboo iPhone Speaker Dock

Powerless iDevice speaker docks have become a hot item as of late. Not hot meaning that I notice people buying an inordinate amount of them, but hot meaning that more and more are being released despite a lack of demand. Thats why this iBamboo dock has me so intrigued. In genre of devices that amplify the iPhone’s speaker volumes to almost not useless levels, at least his is something interesting to look at. The laser  [Read More…]

iPhone Dock Makes For Perfect Game of I Spy or Father’s Day Present

I can’t help but feel there isn’t enough creativity in the iDevice Dock market. Sure many of the docks look rather futuristic, and perform their advertised duties well, but very few take the aesthetic leap of faith into new and creative designs. The above dock by iLive takes that leap of faith and lands rather gracefully. In lieu of a digital display with boring easy to read numbers, iLive opted to turn the screen of  [Read More…]

Dock Amplifies iPhone Speaker and Magnifies Display Without Power

Click the image to open in full size. The Hive dock, created by Jake Waitzman, uses no power, or electricity to amplify the iPhone’s onboard speaker and magnify the screen to two times its size. According to Waitzman’s Kickstarter page, the Hive Dock works by simply placing a "Fresnel lens parallel to the iPhone’s Retina Display at a set distance of 4 inches" and "channeling the sound into a concave chamber that projects the  [Read More…]

Dock Turns Your iPhone 4 Into A Computer Touchpad

If there’s one thing, the iPhone isn’t short of it’s docks. Companies make millions each year by  giving use thousands of different ways to stop our iPhones falling over, but we’ve never seen one that incorporates a full keyboard before. This is where CompuExpert comes in.

Relatively unheard of, CompuExpert has put together the Wow-Keys dock and given it a couple of party tricks to show off to its  [Read More…]