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Kids of today think cassette players are iPhone docks

We’ve all seen the adorably hilarious videos of kids making us feel old by responding with general bafflement to ancient technologies like, erm, the original iPod. But you’d hope for the good of our future that people of driving age are a little bit more educated than that. Not according to a photo that’s currently […]

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These Apple Watch docks were made for Nightstand Mode

Apple Watch stand makers are responding to watchOS 2’s Nightstand Mode feature, which will turn your wearable into a makeshift alarm clock and display the time in landscape mode when it’s charging on its side. Several new docks for the…Read more ›

14 weirdest speaker docks to ever cradle an iPhone

Your iPhone’s speakers suck. No amount of magical design from Jony Ive can change the laws of physics to give those itsy-bitsy tweeters earth-shattering bass, but plenty of acoustic iPhone docks are willing to try. We’ve seen a menagerie of speaker docks over the…Read more ›

Review roundup: Best MacBook docks

This week we look at docking stations for the MacBook. Docks let you stow your laptop out of the way. With its lid closed, and yet still use its brain to power a monitor and hook up to a mouse…Read more ›

Apple Will Sell Its Own Lightning Docks For The iPhone 5s

iPhone5sdockApple hasn’t sold its own dock for the iPhone since introducing the Lightning connector on the iPhone 5, but it looks like the company has had a change of heart, and will start selling an iPhone 5s dock for $29 starting on September 20th at Apple retail stores. Along with being able to charge your […]

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Zagg’s Little Origin Speaker Docks With a Desktop Mothership [Mobile World Congress 2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Zagg, who you surely know better for its excellent iPad keyboards, also makes a speaker. Or two speakers, to be precise. This is the Zagg Origin, and it consists of a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker which docks into a desktop mothership.

The handy homunculus is Jamboxian in proportions, and does everything a modern portable BT speaker should. It pairs with  [Read More…]

Philips Announces Four New Lightning Speaker Docks, Teases A Fifth

The new “Lifestyle Music System” from Philips

Philips has joined the likes of JBL by selling Lightning-compatible speaker docks for Apple’s latest iOS devices. Today Philips announced not one, but four new speaker docks with Lightning connectors. Each speaker set serves a different purpose, ranging from a nightstand dock with alarm to a portable speaker.

These speakers should start hitting retail channels this month, but Philips hasn’t given any pricing info yet.

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JBL Announces First Lightning Speaker Docks For Apple’s Latest iOS Devices

Meet the OnBeat Micro, and the OnBeat Venue Lightning.

JBL has become the first accessory maker to announce a duo of Lightning-compatible speaker docks for Apple’s latest iOS devices. Priced at $ 99.95 and $ 199.95, the OnBeat Micro and the OnBeat Venue Lightning are both available to pre-order today.

The OnBeat Micro, the more affordable of the two devices, is designed to be a portable speaker dock you won’t mind traveling  [Read More…]

XtremeMac Unveils InCharge Docks For Your iOS Devices [CES 2012]

XtremeMac has unveiled three InCharge docking stations for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch at CES today. TheInCharge Duo Plus, InCharge X3 and InCharge X5 multi-dock chargers provide 10 watts of energy per dock for simultaneously charging multiple iOS devices at once. The InCharge Duo Plus is able to charge any two iPod, iPhone or iPad devices while  [Read More…]

UK Supermarket Building iPad Docks into Shopping Carts

Here’s something you’re probably not used to seeing around the grocery store – shopping carts with a built-in iPad dock. Known as “trolleys” in the UK, Sainsbury’s supermarkets and Sky TV’s Sky Go service are partnering for the venture, which will enable shoppers to use their iPad – ostensibly for a wide variety of purposes – while perusing produce and stocking up on snacks. iPads, however, are not included in the carts, just the docks.  [Read More…]