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This Doctor’s Eldritch Music-Making iPhone Device Is Straight Out Of The Future [Kickstarter]

Yes, Joshua Young is a doctor. And yes, the strange device he built and now wields is indeed sonic. But no, it’s not a screwdriver. Instead, Joshua’s intricate alloy AUUG controller is a imaginative musical device that turns the iPhone…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Doctor’s Hack Turns iPhone Into Hookworm-Detecting Microscope


Do you know what a hookworm is? It’s a filthy parasite which hides in your intestine, secured by a its hooks, and feeds on your blood. Ugh. They affect around 600 million people in the world, and can’t be detected with the human eye. Why the hell am I telling your about this in the cult of Mac? Because an enterprising Canadian doctor has hacked his iPhone to diagnose the presence of  [Read More…]

Doctors Love The iPhone And iPad Even Though Many Electronic Records Systems Dont

The iPhone and iPad are the most preferred mobile devices in healthcare.

The iPhone is the most popular device among medical professionals, followed by the iPad and then Android smartphones. That’s one of the key findings in a new study that examines the relationship between electronic health records (EHR) systems, mobile technology, and how doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers use both mobile devices and EHR systems.

One of the biggest points  [Read More…]

The iPad Helps Pharmaceutical Reps Influence Prescribing Practices Among Doctors

Study shows growing number of pharmaceutical reps using iPads.

We talk about the iPad’s role in healthcare pretty regularly. Many physicians and health care practices have found innovative ways to integrate the iPad into daily patient interactions. According to a new study, the pharmaceutical industry has discovered that the iPad is an excellent tool for promoting new medications and that it can influence the prescribing habits of doctors.

The news is part  [Read More…]

The iPhone Is The New Doctors Housecall

New trends show health-related apps are changing how patients experience healthcare.

Health related iOS apps are proliferating quickly in the App Store. While the most popular health related apps tend to be focused on diet, exercise, and stress relief, there are some other fast growing trends that show how the iPhone and iPad transforming the healthcare experience for consumers.

According to MobiHealthNews, which provides an annual assessment of the market for mobile  [Read More…]

iPad Ranks As First Choice For Doctors But IT Still Nervous About Privacy Issues

Healthcare was one of the first fields to adopt the iPad after it launched two years ago. As with other fields, the initial use of the iPad in healthcare came from doctors and other professionals buying their own iPads and bringing them into their practices or along with them on rounds a move that predated most of todays BYOD planning. A recent study of mobile technology in healthcare clearly  [Read More…]

A Quarter Of European Doctors Use iPads At Work [Survey]

Mobile MIM is an iOS app used for viewing medical images like x-rays and ultrasound

Knock, Knock! Whos there? Doctor. Doctor who? Doctor who owns an iPad, along with 26 percent of my peers. A good pun its not, but the facts are worth my terrible setup: Fully one quarter of European doctors own an iPad, according to a survey of 1,207 practicing physicians in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and  [Read More…]

iPhones, iPads May Soon Replace the Doctor’s Waiting Room

Click the image to open in full size. A visit to the doctor is about to become a digital experience. And it wouldn’t be possible to the extent you’re likely to experience without the dawn of Apple’s iDevices. The mHealth industry is not only booming, it’s effectively poised to change the way we receive healthcare. Later this summer, healthcare company Teladoc will release new iPhone and iPad apps that makee physician consultations possible via  [Read More…]