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The Microsoft Word document format is widely used in many corporate and educational environments, particularly where the Windows platform is dominant. For Mac users who work with the Pages app for word processing, a simple option to improve cross-platform document readability and compatibility is to save (or export) a Pages file as a Word .doc … Read More

Earlier this week, forensic data scientist Jonathan Zdziarski made a bold claim: iOS may be vulnerable to government snooping by design. According to Zdziarski, iOS had multiple backdoors installed that made any device running the OS “almost always at risk… Read more ›

If you have multiple PDF files that you want to combine into a single PDF file, you can rely on the Macs bundled Preview app to accomplish this. Not only can Preview combine a variety of single or multi-page PDF docs into a single file, you can even add images as pages, remove a page … Read More

Ever since the Edward Snowden revelations, the question of how companies like Apple respond to law enforcement and government requests for user information has taken on a new level of importance. In a new document added to its website, called… Read more ›

We’ve been able to change the name of our Mac documents from the title bar since OS X Mountain Lion, and it’s made for an interesting new workflow. In fact, there was a nice little drop down menu that would…

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A couple of easy to remember keyboard shortcuts will dramatically boost your productivity when navigating around documents and webpages throughout OS X, giving you the ability to instantly jump to the beginning or end of a scrollable document. These are universal on all Macs and should work regardless of what keyboard you’re using.

Navigate to the Start or End of documents with Mac keystrokes

Jump to the End of a Document with  [Read More…]

Evernote for Mac – my favorite I-don’t-quite-hate-it-enough-to-delete-it everything bucket – has gotten quite a big feature boost Not only does it now integrate Skitch, it lets you highlight text files and view files inside the note editor. The most immediately useful addition is this one: “View your Office and iWork documents directly in the note […]

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Seriously, guys?

In one of the more visually hilarious moments in the current legal wrangling between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has submitted parts of Apple’s deal with HTC to the judge involved in the Samsung v Apple case.

Notice anything weird about it? The document is seriously worked over by some paralegal’s Sharpie.

Granted, not all of the 143 pages in the document are marked out, but there are a lot of  [Read More…]

Revert to the last saved version of a file

We’ve all accidentally saved over a crucial file and lost something important, and that’s exactly what the Versions feature of Mac OS X aims to prevent by providing a history of a documents life. Since Mountain Lion, the Versions feature has improved dramatically, and it’s now easier to use and more logical than ever, in particular the new feature that lets you immediately revert  [Read More…]

The Best Document Scanners [Best Of]

There are two ways to deal with paper documents. Fire, or… scanners.

Even in 2012, people still insist on giving us paper: bills, receipts, even business cards (!) all come printed on dead treeware, and all remain completely useless, unsearchable and easy to lose. What you need, until these people wake up and just e-mail you the relevant info — is a document scanner. Smaller and faster than all-in-one or flatbed models,  [Read More…]