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Games and entertainment dominate Apple TV’s store

There’s a new report out by AppFigures, an app tracking service for publishers and developers, that takes a look at the trends from Apple TV’s first month out of the gate. What the found, not super surprisingly, was that entertainment apps, including streaming video from the likes of HBONow and Netflix, are a clear winner, […]

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Apple will dominate 2015’s biggest tech show without showing up

Apple won’t be at the mammoth International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, but once again, it’s setting the agenda from afar. While Korean electronics giants like Samsung will dominate the show floor, Apple is laying the future…Read more ›

iOS devices dominate online Christmas shopping stats

It was a great Christmas for iOS, according to new figures released by IBM, which monitored mobile traffic for online shopping over the holidays. What it discovered was that a massive 57.1 percent of online shopping via a mobile device…Read more ›

iPhone 6 continues to dominate Japan’s smartphone market

It was once thought that Japan disliked the iPhone so much that the Apple device couldn’t be given away for free. To paraphrase Dinah Washington, what a difference five years makes! In October, the iPhone 6 held seven of the…Read more ›

Apple will dominate 25% of all the world’s RAM in 2015

Unless you’re talking about critically endangered species, using up a sizable percentage of the world’s anything is an impressive task. When that’s 25% of the world’s RAM, though — a critical component of every smartphones, tablet, and ultrabook on Earth…Read more ›

Dominate every Super Battle Tactics game with these tips and tricks

Super Battle Tactics is a free-to-play iOS game published by DeNA that has you using virtual tanks to face off against other players or AI opponents; you’ll choose which upgrades and tactics you’ll use your available action points on to…Read more ›

iOS and Android completely dominate the global smartphone market

In the smartphone race there are only two players: iOS and Android. That fact is clear in IDC’s new report for worldwide smartphone shipments for the second quarter. Combined, iOS and Android account for a whopping 96.4% of global smartphone…Read more ›

Will Women Dominate the Wearable Computing Market?

Here comes wearable computing, and Android and the Googleverse have a huge head start. But will the Android devices lose the lead because they fail to target the women’s market? Google Glass hasn’t shipped yet, but dominates mindshare. If you…Read more ›

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Android’s Share May Be Bigger, But iOS Continues To Dominate Advertising [Report]

Android-iOS-ad-shareAndroid’s share of the worldwide smartphone market may be sizably bigger than that of its rivals, but when it comes to mobile advertising, iOS remains king. According to the latest data from mobile ad firm Velti, Apple’s share grew from 59% to 64% between May 2012 and May 2013. The iPhone 5 was the biggest […]

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Dominate The Web With The HTML5 And CSS3 Code Bundle [Deals]


As the web becomes a place where more and more people spend their time reading, learning, and earning, learning to code for the web is a skill that is gaining traction with the masses. No longer is the idea of coding for the web considered an arduous thing to learn. Not only that, but the means that we are able to learn on the Internet give us even more  [Read More…]