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Ultimate guide to dominating your enemies in Vainglory

Chances are, the first time you try your hand at Vainglory you’ll get ganked almost immediately by a crystal-toting Glaive. If you’d rather avoid that ignominious end, you’ll want to read our guide to all things Vainglory. It’s loaded with…Read more ›

iPhone 6 orders are dominating shipping capacity out of China

The iPhone 6 may be currently filling your newsfeed, but there’s somewhere else it’s filling too: the skies. According to several sources, Apple is currently shipping so many new devices from its factories to sales outlets that it’s causing big…Read more ›

Apple Maps is dominating Google in the U.K.

When Apple Maps disastrously launched in 2012 even the most faithful of Apple fanboys thought it’d never be competitive against the obviously superior Google Maps. But just two years after it announced its own mapping platform, Apple is now dominating…Read more ›

How Apple Products Are Dominating The Legal Profession [Report]

Legal practice management software company Clio has just released the latest results of a survey it calls “Apple In Law Offices,” detailing the use of Apple devices in law firms across North America. The 2013 survey marked a considerable increase…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Is Still Dominating Everyone In The Online Video Purchases Market




Apple’s iTunes catalogue revolutionized the way people consume media. Why go to BlockBuster to rent a movie when you can download it from iTunes just as quickly? While most of the market has been trying to catch up, Apple’s lead in online video sales has remained dominant in the U.S.

NPD released a new report that highlights Apple’s strength in electronic video sales and rentals. While everyone else is fighting for  [Read More…]

iOS Devices Have Been Dominating Mobile Web Traffic For The Past 6 Months [Report]

Android technically sells more smartphones than Apple, but iOS devices continue to dominate mobile web traffic. Chitika Insights has been tracking web traffic on the top mobile platforms, and iOS commands 67% of usage and Android only 33%.

Since May, iOS has seen 2% traffic growth while Android has seen a 2% decrease. Both parties have put out a volley of new devices in recent months, yet the percentages have largely stayed  [Read More…]

Gartner Shows Global iPad Market Share Dipping But Still Dominating Through 2014

Apple’s iPad may take a few lumps, but it will remain the undisputed king of tablets at least through 2014. That’s according to the latest research and projections from Gartner. Apples iPad in on track to make up 73.4% of worldwide media tablet sales in 2011. That’s down 10% from the iPad’s 83% share in 2010. But beyond Apple iOS and the Android operating system, Gartner says, there’s no indication that any other tablet or  [Read More…]