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Dr. Dre donates new album profits to Compton art center

Dr. Dre hasn’t given us a new album in over 15 years, but he just gave us another great reason to scoop up his upcoming album, Compton, when it drops tomorrow, after the doc has promised to donate his proceeds from the album to build a performing-arts center for kids in his hometown. During an […][Read More…]

Apple donates $1.6 million following major Chinese earthquake

Apple has donated 10 million yuan ($ 1.6 million) to support relief efforts in China following the major earthquake in the country’s Yunnan Province earlier this week. The 6.5-magnitude earthquake is the worst disaster to have hit the area in a…Read more ›

Apple donates $500K to help fight poverty

Apple has donated $ 500K to the anti-poverty initiative SF Gives, according to people close to the matter. Launched in March this year, SF Gives is the joint venture of Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff and Daniel Lurie, CEO of the nonprofit…Read more ›

Consumers Expected To Shut Up And Smile As Verizon Donates $1.25 Million Of Stolen Money To The FCC [Rant]

Perhaps you’ve heard the “great” news about how Verizon has to dish out $ 1.25 million to the FCC for violating the FCC’s “C Block rules,” requiring licensees of C Block spectrum to allow customers to freely use the devices and applications of their choosing. If you’re just hearing about it, let me give you the gist of things and then you’ll get to hear me rant.

Back in 2008 there  [Read More…]

Apple Donates 9,000 iPads to Teachers Working in Impoverished Schools [Report]

Apple has partnered with the Teach for America program and donated 9,000 first gen iPads to teachers that work in impoverished and dangerous schools. The donated iPads come from customers that gave to Apple’s public service program during the iPad 2 launch. Many consumers opt to resale their used Apple devices when a new generation is released, but the people that gave to Apple’s public service program have helped to give  [Read More…]

Geohot Donates $10,000 to EFF

Geohot has take a pretty respectable decision, Geohot donated the remaining amount of money which he had collected via donations from people helped him for fighting against Sony to EFF.Geohot said:As promised, all left over legal defense money, plus a little to bump it to a nice number, has been sent to the EFF. Thank you all so much for your support, without it, things could have been much worse.This money goes to the EFF in hopes that America can one  [Read More…]