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Facebook devs port ‘Doom’ to the Apple Watch and Apple TV

From a gamer’s point of view, if not a developer’s, the ultimate metric of a new device is its TTD, or Time To Doom. Ever since the source code to the 1993 classic FPS was released over a decade ago, it has been used as the standard measurement of a new device’s capabilities. Over the […]

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Fantastic Four meet their Doom in fiery new trailer

Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four is set to land in theaters next month, but fans who attended Comic-Con last week in San Diego got a special peek at the new Doctor Doom who’s threatening to end life as we…Read more ›

Doom maker’s weapon of choice for teaching coding? Apple IIc

When you’re one of the closest things the programming world has to a rock star, you might assume that — when the time comes to pass your godly coding powers onto the next generation — you’d hand your offspring a brand new…Read more ›

RIP Apple: Analyst predicts doom after Apple Watch

You know that scene in a horror movie where everything seems to be good, but things are just that bit too quiet? Well, according to analyst Abhey Lamba of Mizuho Securities Apple is there right now. With the company coming…Read more ›

Galaxy Run Delights In Sending Its Homesick Astronaut Plunging To His Doom [Review]

I don’t know why characters in endless runner games are always in such a big hurry. Galaxy Run by Spiel Studios Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $ 0.99 Sure, Runbot was fleeing the secret lab that created him.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

It’s Adventure Time! ‘Legends Of Ooo’ Gets A Second Episode, “The Library Of Doom”

Brrrrapapo!My kids and I have been watching episodes of Adventure Time, Cartoon Network’s disturbingly funny cartoon show. The adventures of Finn, Jake and a cast of crazy characters is compelling television, and hilarious on many different levels. Legends of Ooo – Adventure Time originally launched for iOS last year in June, and while it provided […]

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Get ‘Doom Classic’ And ‘Doom II RPG’ For iOS, Each For Under A Dollar

doomclassic_02Id Software’s seminal first-person shooter franchise, Doom, came to the iOS platform back in 2009, with Doom Classic. It debuted as a $6.99 game, and we were all willing to pay for admission to a game that stole our hearts (and our free time) as young gamers. About a year later, Doom II RPG showed […]

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