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Apple buys former chip factory next door to Samsung campus

Apple has bought a former chip fabrication plant in North San Jose — shelling out $ 18.2 million for a 70,000 square-foot facility next door to Samsung Semiconductor’s new campus in the area. It’s not clear what Apple plans to use the facility for, although the marketing materials for the site described it as: “Well suited […]

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Fancy new smart lock can see who’s at your door

Electrics giant Westinghouse is getting into the connected-home game, and its first offering is a smart lock that looks like it should be seeing if it can’t lock down a stabilizer in a Star Wars X-Wing. The Nucli (which is pronounced “new-klee” and not “nuck-lee,” regardless of how your brain sees it) will offer a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Amazon now delivers a plumber to your door

Amazon already delivers your toilet paper, and now it wants to deliver your plumber. The online retail giant debuted a new service today called Home Services. It’s designed to take the simplistic Amazon ordering approach and apply it to real…Read more ›

Uber just dropped off an iPhone charger and NFL star at my door

Tourist are invading Phoenix like locus this weekend thanks to the Waste Management Open and Super Bowl. So while all the snowbirds are running around the valley, watching golfers, snapping pics of gridiron superstars, and taking in the unbelievable Phoenix…Read more ›

Amazon Prime Now app brings TVs, diapers, and fibits to your door in one hour

Amazon is upping its delivery game this week by launching a new delivery service called Prime Now that will bring diapers, Fitbits, televisions, and thousands of other essential items, to your doorstep in under an hour. Prime Now is available…Read more ›

Cricket Begins Selling iPhone 4S, Lines Form At The Door

Weve already talked about how your next iPhone should be a prepaid one, right? Heck, weve even discussed why Cricket might be your next iPhone carrier. It sounds like some folks must have been listening. When Cricket started selling pre-paid iPhones as planned today, people lined up at the door before stores opened to get one of the newly available Apple handsets.   According to CNET, a Cricket representative said the  [Read More…]

83-Year Old Woman Walks Into Glass Door, Sues Apple

Legal trouble and Apple tend to go hand-in-hand lately, but the latest lawsuit against the company doesnt involve IP litigation. It involves an 83-year old woman and a glass door. According to the lawsuit Evelyn Paswall is suing Apple after walking into the glass doors at the Apple Store Manhasset on Long Island. According to the CBS New York report Paswall is asking for $75,000 in medical expenses plus $1 million in punitive damages for  [Read More…]

Eventbrited Debuts pay “At The Door” iPad Card Reader and App For Events

Square and PayPal both have mobile payment solutions for retailers, but what about those hosting events? Enter Eventbrites free At The Door app and $10 card reader (they’re handing out $10 credits to reimburse purchases like Square). The card reader and accompanying app intend to be a self-service ticketing platform for events of all sizes. The app is only available for the iPad, but with the accompanying reader those throwing events essentially have a mobile  [Read More…]

The Latest Mac Trojan Disguises Itself As A PDF To Give Cybercriminals Back Door Access To Your Machine

Malware is a small but real threat to the OS X platform, and so its not uncommon for the occasional Trojan to pop up, which Apple then usually nukes from orbit through OS Xs built-in anti-malware database. Rinse, repeat, with the only real danger being those who get infected for a week or two. Well, heres the latest temporary nuisance to look out for.   A new Mac trojan called  [Read More…]

Bye, White MacBook; Dont Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out [Opinion]

So youre finally leaving us, white MacBook. I guess this day was inevitable; cant say Im all that broken up about it. Heck, the sooner you move out, the better.   Still, we had some good times, didnt we? Yeah. Remember when you were all new and polished, and you showed me how much faster your Core Duo processor was than ol iBooks PowerPC ticker? That was awesome.  [Read More…]