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Online Apple Store Goes Down, Return Policy Updated?

Click the image to open in full size. Last night the Online Apple Store went down, and alert amongst the online community reached DEFCON 4, bordering on 5. The speculation and ferver around what Apple could possibly be unveiling reached a boil. Then nothing. Imagine everyone’s dismay when the store came back online with no new products or visible changes. Not even a measly iPod Shuffle update. It seemed like the ultimate case of  [Read More…]

iTunes Activation Server Down?

Click the image to open in full size. All day yesterday I was trying to update my iPad (it’s on 4.3.1 and 4.3.3 is current), and iTunes was telling me the activation server was down. I figured it’d fix itself and didn’t post anything, but it seems the server is still experiencing issues. None of my devices with updates available (of the three, none are currently jailbroken, these are iPads used for business) are  [Read More…]

App Store Down , iMac Release Today ?

iMac may be coming ? These days we read so many rumors that Apple is about to release the new iMac today. Apple Store has just gone offline so it’s highly expected that the new iMac is coming. This may due to some maintenance, anyway let’s wait and see.

Report: Apple Cracking Down on iPhone 5 Supply Chain Leaks

Click the image to open in full size. Apple is playing the role of plumber in the overseas supply chain, eager to patch up any leaks to an entirely new extent. That’s according to a new report that says Apple is displeased with the flurry of iPhone 5 rumors that have surfaced in recent weeks, not the least of which is speculation that the iPhone 5 may not be released until fall of  [Read More…]

Apple to Toyota – Take Down that Theme

Click the image to open in full size. A couple days ago I wrote an article discussing Toyota’s Scion theme they’d published in Cydia through Velti, an advertising agency they use. I was impressed at a major corporation recognizing the niche jailbreak market and pouring some attention into it. The idea brought some interesting possibilities, and the article got some legs, including a mention on Daring Fireball this morning. Apple also heard about the  [Read More…]

AT&T Cracking Down on MyWi Tethering?

Click the image to open in full size. We’ve gotten a couple of tips today from users saying that they are receiving notices from AT&T regarding tethering. These users have been using MyWi for tethering, and are grandfathered into AT&T’s old unlimited iPhone data plan. For one user, the notices began as a simple text message: "AT&T Free Msg: Did you know tethering your Smartphone to a computer requires a tethering plan? Pls call  [Read More…]

iFixit Tears Down the Latest 15-inch Quad-core MacBook Pro

Click the image to open in full size. Apple updated the MacBook Pro line only a few hours ago and the repair wizards at iFixit have already done a complete teardown of the 15-inch model. The construction and many of the components are similar to the previous version, but Apple has made a few important upgrades that makes this a more capable machine. This is the first MacBook Pro to incorporate a quad-core processor  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs health getting down [video]

This Video shows Steve Job’s health is terribly down. It’s not the same body that was full of energy specially during the media events and announcement of new products. Everyone wishes Steve Jobs a good health and we hope that news of his cancer treatment is just a rumor. And as you know, Apple iPad 2 event is confirmed on March 2nd so probably Tim Cook will be there to announce the new version of iPad. Check out the video  [Read More…]