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TSMC may have already nailed down Apple’s A10 chip orders

The iPhone 6s isn’t even out yet, but already reports are claiming that Apple has awarded its A10 processor orders for the next eagerly-anticipated iPhone upgrade, the iPhone 7. The winning company if you believe said rumors? None other than Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company — the manufacturer said to be making half of Apple’s A9 chips for […]

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Siri slaps down reporter at White House press briefing

Siri has been involved with some pretty memorable moments as of late, whether it’s saving the life of a teenager stuck under a truck, or asserting itself as the new voice interface for Apple TV. Now you can add shutting down questions about Barack Obama’s Iran policy to the list! Check out the hilarious video below. […]

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It begins! Apple Store is down ahead of today’s keynote

The Apple Online Store has gone down ahead of today’s big keynote. When it comes back up, we expect to see new iPhones, iPads, a new Apple TV, and more added to the site — but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy any of them today. Apple’s event kicks off at 10 a.m. PST, […]

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44 million people boogied down to Apple Music in July

There have been mixed reports about the success of Apple Music — with the project’s senior director leaving Apple, reports of declining listenership, and Apple acknowledging that the platform still needs a lot of work. However, according to a new ComScore report, Apple Music is certainly catching the attention of users. The digital analytics company […]

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Apple’s security obsession is slowing down HomeKit rollout

Apple’s plans for HomeKit to become the de facto platform for the connected home is taking longer than expected to happen because of the company’s obsession with security, according to a recent report. At the moment, only five HomeKit-compatible accessories…Read more ›

Snapchat doubles down on iPhone jailbreakers

Yesterday, we reported that Snapchat was starting to lock out jailbreakers. Today, the popular video messaging service is locking out users who are on an out-of-date version of the app. It’s a move aimed at jailbreakers that’s going to catch…Read more ›

Beats 1 Radio and other Apple services are down

Fans hoping to catch the MTV announcement of this year’s VMA nominees on exclusively on Beats 1 this morning got a rude awakening as Apple servers crashed right before this year’s batch of artists were revealed. We’ve been trying to…Read more ›

Toyota radio ad shuts down iPhones because drivers won’t

Let’s be clear: It is incredibly dangerous to do anything with your phone while you’re driving. You shouldn’t be texting, checking your mail, or swiping through Tinder when you should be focused on all of the people and giant, dangerous…Read more ›

Calm down and rock on; Apple isn’t adding DRM to your music

No, you won’t lose all your DRM-free iTunes music. At least, not without deleting your actual files and not having a backup. Apple isn’t adding DRM to your iTunes files, either. The reality here is that Apple will not automatically…Read more ›

This Blade is a sharp way to keep your MacBook locked down

For my car, I have an anti-theft device call the Club. It is a telescoping device that hooks on each side of the steering wheel and locks in place with a key. Can it be broken? Probably, but the idea…Read more ›