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How to Select Multiple Photos Quickly on iPhone and iPad with a Drag & Select Gesture

Modern versions of iOS offer a convenient dragging gesture that allows iPhone and iPad users to quickly select multiple pictures from the Photos app, without having to continuously tap on images or use the select by date method. With the iOS drag and select gesture, you can choose as many photos as can be seen … Read More

Make Animated GIFs from Movies in Mac OS X with Drag & Drop Ease

Creating animated GIFs out of a movie file or or video usually requires a bit of effort, but now you can convert a movie into an animated GIF on a Mac with drag and drop simplicity, thanks to the aptly named Drop to GIF. Drop to GIF is a free app for Mac OS X … Read More

Quickly Save Photos from Messages in Mac OS X with Drag & Drop

Many Mac users rely on the Messages app to converse back and forth with other Mac and iPhone owners, but unlike saving a picture or image from a message in the iOS side of things, OS X Messages app does not offer a share sheet download option or menu for saving specific photos and media … Read More

Add Items to the Mac Finder Window Toolbar with a Drag & Drop Trick

Few Mac users seem to know it, but the Finder window toolbars of OS X can be customized to serve as a quick-launch panel. You can store almost anything in the Finder toolbar, whether it’s an app, a directory, automator action, network share, a website bookmark, or even a frequently accessed document. Adding items to … Read More

Quickly Tag Files & Folders with a Drag & Drop in OS X Mavericks Finder

Tags in OS X File tagging on the Mac is officially new to OS X Mavericks, but those who have been using the Labels feature to help manage their files in prior versions of OS X will notice it’s actually quite similar. Basically you ‘tag’ a file, and then it becomes associated with that tag, allowing for easy file sorting, searching, and management. Tagging is easy to use, and what are  [Read More…]

Documents By Readdle Gets Photo Library Integration, Drag & Drop Organizing, Starred Files

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 16.38.41Documents by Readdle — the free iOS app that replaces a dedicated document viewer, PDF reader, download manager, music player, and more — has today received another new update that adds even more nifty features. In addition to photo library integration, you’ll also find drag and drop file organization, and the ability to “star” your […]

The post Documents By Readdle Gets Photo Library Integration, Drag &  [Read More…]

Use the Mac Finder Sidebar for Quick File Drag & Drop App Launches

Finder sidebar as an app launcher

The Finder window sidebar can hold apps and function as an application launcher, making it an excellent place to keep apps that are almost exclusively used alongside the file system, or for apps that are reliant on general filesystem access, but that aren’t necessarily used enough to warrant a place in the Mac Dock when not in use.

There’s not much to set up  [Read More…]

Compose a New Mail Message with an Attachment by Drag & Drop

Drag and drop a file into Mail for instant mail attachment

Surely everyone knows by now that you can drag and drop files directly into Mail messages to attach those files to an email, but did you know you can instantly create a new email with an attachment by dragging the file in question to Mail’s Dock icon instead?

Try it out, drag any file directly into the Mail icon. You’ll  [Read More…]

Add More Wallpapers to the OS X Desktop Preference Panel with a Drag & Drop

Drag and drop folders into the Desktop preferences to add more wallpaper choices

Want to add more wallpapers to the Desktops preference panel in Mac OS X? It’s as easy as drag and drop. All you need to do is:

Open System Preferences and click on “Desktops & Screen Saver” Select any folder(s) in the OS X Finder Drag the folder(s) into the Desktop preference panel to add the folder to the  [Read More…]

DragonDrop Makes Drag And Drop So Much Less Of A Drag [Review]

Click, shake, drop in DragonDrop

If you know your Apple history, youll probably know that NeXTSTEP, the grandfather of modern OS X, had a clever feature called the Shelf, a placeholder where you could temporarily drop files while dragging them from one location to another. Sadly, Mac OS X has never replicated this in Finder. So today theres a brand new app for OS X that seeks to  [Read More…]