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Former Apple exec’s $35m mansion is the smart home of our dreams

Former Apple exec Michael Barnick is selling his $ 35 million California mansion, and all we can say is… wow! Not only is the home the epitome of iPod minimalist modernism, but it’s (perhaps unsurprisingly) pretty high-tech, too. Controllable entirely via iPhone or iPad, the list of automated features include lighting, music, TV, air-conditioning, window blinds, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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‘Magical’ iPhone 6 snap makes Irish photographer believe in dreams

Cult of Mac’s Photo Famous series introduces you to the groundbreaking photographers featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6″ ad campaign. Brendan Ó Sé aimed his iPhone camera, composed on screen the wavy painted lines on a Copenhagen street and…Read more ›

Hexo+ is the high-flying selfie drone of our dreams

LAS VEGAS — Drones are everywhere at the International CES show. You can’t walk though the South Hall without hearing the feverish buzz of quadrocopter wings luring people to their booths. Most of the new drones we’ve seen are either…Read more ›

“Dreams” is the Latest iPhone 5S TV Commercial [Video]

Apple has started to air a new iPhone 5S commercial titled “Dreams”, as part of the “You’re More Powerful Than You Think” ad campaign. The commercial follows a variety of vocations from scientists to artists using an iPhone with different apps, including Vaavud Wind Meter, Camera with an Olloclip, Response Deck SBC, ForeFligth Mobile, iTranslate … Read More

Build the theme park of your dreams with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum [Deals]

Who doesn’t love to let their imagination run wild every once in a while? And who doesn’t like to save money while doing so? Well, Cult of Mac Deals has you covered on both fronts. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum combines…Read more ›

This Is What Jony Ive Dreams iOS 7 Should Be [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 9.59.17 AM

Nothing’s driving design nerds as crazy as the rumor that Jony Ive is taking a torch to iOS’s egregious skeuomorphic design elements and coming up with something for iOS 7 a lot more modern and flat like Windows 8.

In truth, any hopes that Ive is going to completely raze the ground of iOS skeuomorphism for iOS 7 are probably optimistic: Ive hasn’t had enough time,  [Read More…]

This iOS 7 Concept Video Dreams Of A Fully Customizable Lock Screen [Video]



WWDC is getting closer, which means we’re probably going to see Jony Ive’s vision for iOS 7 really soon. We know Jony’s not a big fan of skeuomorphism, so we expect to see a lot of flat UI design in iOS 7.

Rafael Justino just published his concept for what iOS 7 might look like, and while there’s still a great deal of skeuomorphism in Justino’s concept, his vision adds  [Read More…]

New iPads In March And Our iOS 7 Hopes And Dreams On Our All-New CultCast

Cultcast iPad Mini

On our brand new CultCast, we talk rumors of a new iPad 5 and mini in March and the features we think Apple needs to build into iOS 7, but we couldn’t help wrap the show with our favorite movies of 2012. Why? Cause it’s just that slow of a news week! What better time to have an episode where anything goes?

So we get crazy on this week’s CultCast,  [Read More…]

Purported iPhone 5 SIM Tray Crushes Our Dreams Of A Liquidmetal iPhone

Is this really an iPhone 5 SIM tray, or did someone hit the wrong key?

Many of us are dreaming of a liquidmetal casing for the next iPhone which will sport a tapered, teardrop design that will help make the sixth-generation device thinner than its predecessor. However, a SIM tray that is believed to be destined for the new device suggests it could feature a box-like design similar to the  [Read More…]

This Cat Tweets His Dreams From A Bed Made Of An Old eMac [Video]

We think its adorable that this fat, fuzzy cat sleeps in an empty eMac fitted out with warm lights and cozy blankets, but its not particularly unique by itself: those old vintage all-in-one Macs have been turned into pet carriers and aquariums since time immemorial. What sets the so-called eSleeper apart is that every time puss pushes his way in for a nap, it sends out a random tweet thanks to a controlled Adruino. And the tweets arent bad, although  [Read More…]