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Samsung Estimates Another Record Quarter Driven By Smartphone Sales

samsung-galaxy-s-iii-is-the-screen-its-achilles-heel--e378eb024e Samsung has today announced its estimated earnings for Q1 2013, and it looks like the Korean electronics giant is set for another record quarter, exceeding Wall Street expectations. The company has forecast a 53% rise in profit to 8.7 trillion won ($ 7.7 billion) for the three-month period between January and March, driven by smartphone sales.

Samsung’s estimate was better than the average forecast for 8.3 trillion won ($ 7.3 billion) in  [Read More…]

These Clever Russians Hacked Their Car So It Can Be Driven With An iPad [Video]


We’ve seen some really neat car hacks that use the iPhone and iPad to do some crazy stuff, but this one might take the cake.

A group of Russians decided to take their Opel Vectra car and turn it into the “James Bond car” that could be driven with a cellphone in Tomorrow Never Dies. The result, is a beat up beauty that can be driven with an iPad. Check it out:

According  [Read More…]

Apple Looking At Graphics Driven Interface For Contacts, Music Playback, Possibly For iOS 5

A new patent made public by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week and discovered by AppleInsider could hold the key to a new graphical interface for the way contacts and music are displayed on an iOS device.

The patent filing, named “Segmented Graphical Representations for Recommending Elements” shows Apple is looking (or at least was looking, the patent was originally filed back in 2009) at ways to improve the drab text-based interface of the Contacts app, as well as  [Read More…]