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Apple Car could save drivers 400 billion hours per year

Morgan Stanley analysts Adam Jonas and Katy Huberty — who regularly follow Tesla and Apple — claim an autonomous Apple Car could save drivers a collective 400 billion hours of “non-productive” time each year. “What is the value of 400 billion hours a year?” they write in a note to clients. “How much value could […]

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Toyota radio ad shuts down iPhones because drivers won’t

Let’s be clear: It is incredibly dangerous to do anything with your phone while you’re driving. You shouldn’t be texting, checking your mail, or swiping through Tinder when you should be focused on all of the people and giant, dangerous…Read more ›

Spotify will soon let you choose your Uber driver’s playlist

If you’ve ever had the experience of driving in an Uber to a soundtrack that harshes your mellow, good news. Uber is about to announce a new deal with Spotify that will let you specify your jams on the go,…Read more ›

For drivers, Siri’s screwups are worse than fiddling with a phone

Three out of four drivers in America believe that using hands-free technology like Siri is a safer way to cruise the highway than fiddling with buttons and knobs, but a surprising study from AAA found that using Siri on the…Read more ›

Creative Sound Blaster Roar: a powerful Bluetooth speaker with five drivers and built-in subwoofer [Sponsored post]

This post is brought to you by Creative Labs, creator of the Sound Blaster Roar. The Sound Blaster Roar is the epitome of audio quality, features and great looks combined into one device. Musicality, accurate timbre, tonality, with deep, tight…Read more ›

Uber drivers make way more money than you think

For those with access to its mobile app, Uber is quickly becoming the preferred method of transportation over traditional taxis. It’s a lot easier to summon a ride with a tap on your iPhone screen than hailing down a cab on the side…Read more ›

Automatic partners with Jawbone to whip drivers into shape

As the nation grows more obese yet car culture still rules, here’s the nudge of the hour: your car and your fitness app talking to each other, reminding you that you’re not moving enough. Automatic’s smart driving assistant can turn…Read more ›

U.K. Government Bans Drivers From Using Google Glass Behind The Wheel

Helmet1Arguably one of the best things about Google Glass is the ability to view maps and get directions while you’re driving without ever having to take your eyes off the road ahead. But that’s not the case for those in the U.K., where using Google Glass behind the wheel is banned by the government. Google […]

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Cyclists: Tall Drivers What You Really Think Of Them With the iBackPack

Here’s a great idea for an iPad accessory – just kidding: it’s terrible! No, just kidding again. The idea is sound, but the implementation doesn’t really get past the lazy-computer-render stage. It’s called the iBackPack (really) and it’s a way for cyclists to communicate with people behind them. As a city-dwelling cyclist, I have regular […]

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Taxi Turvi Helps You Fight Dodgy Cab Drivers

I hate taxis. I hate having to find one. I hate having to talk to the driver. I hate paying them, and then worrying about how much I’m supposed to tip them (presumably spending the entire journey chatting to their cousins via Bluetooth headset counts as “service.”) So I’m very happy to have Taxi Turvi in my arsenal. It’s a weapon to be wielded against dodgy cabbies.

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