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Waze will now nag you about how fast you’re driving

We expect navigation apps to warn us about gridlock, give us the best routes, and tell us how long our drives will be. But Waze is rolling out a new speed-limits feature that, while useful, might come off as a pain at first. The crowdsourced traffic app now includes limits information for thousands of roads, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Yes, you can get a ticket for using Apple Watch while driving

Everyone knows that talking on your cellphone while driving will get you a ticket in most places, but one driver in Canada recently found himself taking heat from the police after he was caught tapping his Apple Watch while behind…Read more ›

Dashcams reveal horrors of teens texting and driving

We all know that teens are crazy drivers. But when you put phones in their hands, things get really bad. AAA conducted video analysis of teenagers on the road and discovered that “distraction was a factor in nearly six out…Read more ›

Effort to eliminate drowsy driving shifts into high gear

Cameras and sensors assist us with backing up, parallel parking and eliminating blind spots, but technology that makes sure drivers don’t nod off still hasn’t found traction. Australian company Seeing Machines wants to change that with its dashboard device that…Read more ›

This crazy calendar bug in iOS 8 is driving people nuts

A weird bug in iOS 8’s Calendar app has been making people pull their hair out for months. When adding events using either a Google or Microsoft Exchange server, the time zone is randomly synced to GMT. Complaints started surfacing around…Read more ›

Go nuts for donuts in the Torque Burnout driving game for iOS

From Need for Speed Most Wanted to Real Racing 3, there are some great driving-based games for iOS. None are quite like Torque Burnout, though. Promising to combine the most fun bits of every racing game ever into a standalone…Read more ›

Using your Apple Watch while driving could land you a ticket

Motoring experts in the UK have warned that individuals using their Apple Watch while driving will face the same penalties as those caught using a mobile phone. The words of caution come from road safety charity the Institute of Advanced…Read more ›

This Week In Cult of Mac Magazine: Smart Driving With Apps

This week in Cult of Mac Magazine: drive smarter, with a little help from the app store. Your iPhone. Great apps. Your car. What could be better? Well, maybe an Apple-designed  driving system. We’re all eagerly awaiting for release of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The iPhone 5c Is Driving Customers Into The Arms Of The iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5c isn’t a failure by any means, but even so, it’s not selling as well as most people would have expected, with sales of the iPhone 5s believed to outpace its plastic midrange sibling by as much as…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Jet Car Stunts 2 Takes Crazy Stunt Driving To The Next Level [Video]

The sequel to 2009′s acclaimed Jet Car Stunts is now available in the App Store, and it looks pretty awesome. Offering crazy stunt driving — and advertizing “insane jumps” and “ludicrous speeds” — Jet Car Stunts 2 offers 3 difficulty…Read more ›    [Read More…]