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Is there a better sign that the future has arrived than meeting with friends at a park to play with flying robots? Another such sign might be that you can now get one of those robots for the price of a dinner date. The SKEYE Mini Drone is about to launch, at a whopping 34% […]

Dazzling drone video will get you tilting at windmills

To fly a drone, it can’t be too windy. But a windmill looks its best when wind is spinning its sails So the filmmakers at Voormedia in the Netherlands had to be patient for a perfect and cooperative wind and… Read more ›

This sleek camera drone captures selfies from the skies

Forget about your run-of-the-mill selfie stick, the future of mobile photography could very well be a new easy-to-use, self-flying camera drone — which users launch into the air like a frisbee and which will then follow them around capturing gorgeous… Read more ›

  Tim Cook makes frequent visits to Apple Campus 2 – which is still without an official name. It seems like drone enthusiasts visit the site more than Apple’s CEO. Search YouTube for ‘Apple Campus 2′ and you’ll get over… Read more ›

Here’s your opportunity to pick up the most amazing, precision-controlled RC drone. The SKEYE Nano Drone, the world’s smallest quadcopter, is 41% off with free international shipping for a limited time only at Cult of Mac Deals. Drone quadcopters are… Read more ›

An Apple drone? One man dares to dream

We have Apple products atop our desks, in our pockets and, soon, on our wrists. As if there aren’t enough Apples in our airspace, one man is nudging his favorite company to design a quadrocopter. He’s even taken a stab… Read more ›

It’s easy to save a ton of your hard earned cash and get some of the coolest technology on the market today with Cult of Mac Deals. Seriously, they make it their mission to source high-end products that they know… Read more ›

We’re hours away from one of Apple’s most important special events in years, so what better time than to check in on the progress the company has made on its forthcoming Campus 2, courtesy of a new drone flyover video. The… Read more ›

Quadcopters are a lot of fun, especially when they come equipped with a high definition camera. They allow you to take professional looking video and offer a unique vantage point with which to view your surroundings. Now you can get… Read more ›

The Greek mythological character Icarus ignored his father’s warnings and flew too close to the sun. The intense heat caused the wax that was holding his wings together to melt and he tragically crashed into the sea below him. If… Read more ›