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FAA will force fliers to register drones before Christmas

While you’re writing that thank you note to the Santa who bought you the quadcopter you’ve always wanted, you will also want to take a moment to register your aircraft with the FAA. The registration rule was signed into law last month by the Federal Aviation Administration and any drone weighing between .55 pounds and […]

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A micro flier that proves drones are big fun no matter the size [Deals]

Lots of us want a drone, but not all of us have the space for a giant four-rotored helicopter in our lives, let alone the cash. Thankfully, drones are a bunch of fun at any size, which the tiny AERIUS Drone proves in a big way. It’s one of the smallest fully functioning drones you […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Stores now stocking professional drones for completely legal uses

With a mere $ 1,259.95, you can now buy a professional camera drone from the Apple Store. Called the DJI Phantom 3, it shoots 4K video with a bottom mounted 12 megapixel camera, has a 3-axis stabilization system, and you can run it all from your iPhone or its own remote controller. You know, for all […][Read More…]

Save up to 60% on 5 great ways to satisfy the jones for drones [Deals]

It’s fine to admit it: you get a little jealous every time you see someone playing with a drone. Why not join the fun with a little drone of your own? We’ve found five deals on compact, fully-equipped and affordable drones to get you flying, filming, and having fun in no time and for next […][Read More…]

Next-gen drones vie for air supremacy

Comparing two impressive new quadcopters is like comparing a hawk to a falcon. Both birds are impressive. That might make a tough choice for drone enthusiasts looking to upgrade, but for the rest of us, it’s easy: Just watch the…Read more ›

Drones, drones, drones: Save up to 55% on these innovative quadcopters [Deals]

  Drones are remote controlled flying machines that have gained in popularity recently. Some can perform pretty cool aerial stunts while others take breathtaking HD videos. The more expensive models can even act as delivery vehicles! There are quadcopter drones…Read more ›

Navy’s laser weapon zaps drones out of sky for $1 per shot

Can you hit your targets when playing an Xbox shooting game? If so, the Navy might just want to put a video-game-like controller in your hands. Except this version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have you aiming a…Read more ›

Gadget Watch: Keyboards, skateboards, duck heads and drones

Kites trump drones for aerial-photography bliss

Go fly a kite. Marketing exec Pierre Lesage finds the practice relaxing after a busy week overseeing operations at eight hotels. It’s also perfect for shooting photos. “Since the drones came out a few years ago, kite aerial photography lost…Read more ›

If There Will Ever Be An Uber For Drones, Hopefully It Looks This Good

Imagine a world where you can summon a drone from your iPhone like an Uber car. Flying minions help you navigate traffic and find where to eat. It’s a futuristic kind of reality that feels pretty cool and scary at…Read more ›