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GeoTag Photos For iPhone Auto-Uploads Your GPX File To Dropbox


GeoTag Photos Pro just hit v3.0, and with the update comes a new, less-ugly UI. It also adds automatic Dropbox uploading, making it just about the easiest (and still most battery-friendly) photo-tagging app for the iPhone.

The iPhone makes a great camera for more reasons that just being a great camera. It also lets you edit and share your images right there from the phone, and it packs GPS for  [Read More…]

Cooliris Gets Even Cooler, Adds Support for Dropbox [Daily Freebie]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ja6Sy2JwEc?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Imagine dining at a sumptuous, football-field-sized smorgasbord where all your friends and acquaintances have made and brought tantalizing morsels for you. And it’s all yours to sample, as you glide past table after stacked table. On ice skates.

Now replace the food with photos, and you’ll understand the draw of Cooliris (assuming you like looking at photos; and since the toaster is probably the last remaining electric gadget not equipped with either a camera or a way to  [Read More…]

Dropcopy Shares Your Mac and iOS Clipboards Via Dropbox


Dropcopy is a super simple clipboard sharing app which uses Dropbox for its storage. It comes in iOS (universal) and OS X flavors, and is almost as simple as copying on one device and pasting on the other. And because it uses Dropbox you can – theoretically – dive in and edit the raw snippets.

The Mac version is currently under review in the App Store, but the iOS app is  [Read More…]

Mastering iCloud On Your Mac: Use iClouDrive To Access Your Files Like Dropbox [OS X Tips]

Remember iDisk? It was a great feature of the otherwise forgettable MobileMe service, and it let you access your free Apple-provided internet disk space just like Dropbox or Google Drive do now.

Interestingly, you can make iCloud work the same way, with a little app called iClouDrive, from Zibity Software. Here’s how.

Head over to the Zibity Software website, and download iClouDrive. Once downloaded, drag it to your Applications folder  [Read More…]

iCloud, Dropbox, And Amazon Rated Top Cloud Services In U.S.



We don’t often think of Apple as a cloud services company because so much emphasis is placed on hardware, but for many consumers, Apple’s iCloud is their first experience using cloud storage.

Over this past fall, Strategy Analytics conducted a study on which cloud services are the most popular in the U.S. right now, and iCloud grabbed the top spot with 27% usage.

Apple has been pushing iCloud and  [Read More…]

That Was Fast: Mailbox For iOS Was Just Bought By Dropbox


Even though Mailbox for iOS has only been out for a month, it’s taken no time at all for the buzzworthy app to get bought up by a bigger fish.

Dropbox is buying Orchestra Inc., makers of the popular new email app, Mailbox, that allows users to control their email in a new way.

Dropbox announced the acquisition on the company blog this morning. According to a report from the  [Read More…]

Dropbox Updates Desktop Client With Better File Sharing And Notifications



After giving its mobile app a lot of love, Dropbox is focusing its attention on its desktop client.

Dropbox announced today that it’s got a couple new upgrades for the Mac and Windows app that will help you share files quicker, and improve updates to help you keep up with the service.

While there aren’t any big new features, Dropbox has made it easier to accept invitations to shared folders,  [Read More…]

Mount Dropbox & Other Cloud Storage Service As Virtual Drives On Android [How-To]


On my Mac and Windows PCs, where I have access to a speedy connection, I have mounted my Box and Dropbox account to act as a local virtual storage. This allows me to seamlessly transfer files between them and my local storage drives with a simple copy & paste, and it makes my cloud storage services much more useful.

On Android, I need to ‘share’ files to the official Dropbox or Box  [Read More…]

Dropbox CEO Warns Apple Users Against Getting Locked Into iCloud

iCloud Storage Extended

Apple’s iCloud service hasn’t been perfect, but it’s performed fairly well since its debut in 2011.

Dropbox’s CEO on the otherhand thinks that Apple’s users really shouldn’t get too invested into the data-synching service, because it will probably hurt them in the long run.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston criticized Apple and said that Cupertino’s self-interested thinking is stifling progress. Houston’s biggest criticism against Apple  [Read More…]

Easily Share Dropbox Files To Nearby iPhones With ProxToMe [iOS Tips]


Dropbox is a great service, and I use it both professionally and personally. I share files with friends, presentations and documents with co-workers, and I upload my iPhone photos as well as a secondary backup to PhotoStream, which can be touchy at times. Problem is, I need to ask people if they’re Dropbox users, get the email they’ve associated with the service, then log in to Drobpox and create a shared  [Read More…]