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ResearchKit’s next breakthrough will be in drug development

A major pharmaceutical company is looking at how it might use ResearchKit to create new, potentially life-saving medicine. Purdue Pharma, maker of painkiller Oxycontin, would be the first company to use Apple’s open-source, data collection platform for commercial use. “We…Read more ›

Kindle Fire Will Vaporize Android Tablets, But Be Gateway Drug To iPad

Amazons Kindle Fire could be the gateway drug for iPad users. Thats the belief of one analyst who sees the $ 199 7-inch device as a way for consumers to get a taste for tablets and want more like the iPad. If anything, we think Apple views the Kindle Fire as a device that stands to bring incremental consumers to the tablet market, J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz writes.  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs was Asked by Creator of LSD to Help Promote Therapeutic Uses of the Drug

Steve Jobs, LSD, and Albert Hoffman The late Steve Jobs has always been unapologetic about his usage of LSD, openly proclaiming his experiences with the drug were some of the most important things I have done in my life and even criticizing Bill Gates for not indulging in the substance. Those statements didnt go unnoticed by Albert Hofman, the man who created LSD in a Swiss lab in the 1930?s, who  [Read More…]

The iPod Was My Gateway Drug

image: flickr/wicker_man

  I arrived at this party pretty late Im probably the junior member here at the Cult of Mac, as far as Apple adoption goes. I havent discussed it directly with the entire staff, but Im almost certain everyone else here had been using Steves gadgets long before I started. My wholesale defection from PC to Mac finally  [Read More…]