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Ipad drummer’s fingers wearing out en route to 100 songs

Apple Man, the “sickest” drummer on virtual skins, added black nail polish to his fast-flying fingers in his latest YouTube video to display his iPad-pounding prowess. We never see his face, so there’s no telling whether he went full Marilyn…Read more ›

GarageBand Adds New Robot Drummers, Finally Brings MP3 Export Back

When Apple reinvents apps — as they have done in the past with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and most recently Garage Band — they tend to get a lot of flack from users because major features that people depended upon…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Logic Pro X Update Adds 3 New Drummers, New Interface

Coinciding with the launch of the redesigned Mac Pro and the upgrade to Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s pro digital audio workstation Logic Pro X has also received a major update — in the form of a Mac Pro-optimized version…Read more ›    [Read More…]