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Get Tyrion Lannister drunk in this Game of Thrones web game

The proper iOS Game of Thrones was a bit rubbish, with a whole lot of sitting and waiting around unless you were happy to shell out money for in-app purchases. Fortunately the good folks over at Vulture have created a…Read more ›

‘The first billionaire in hip hop’: A drunk Dr. Dre seemingly confirms Apple’s Beats buyout

News of Apple’s pending Beats acquisition has left the vast majority of us scratching our heads, but if you thought this was just another spurious claim from anonymous supply chain blabbermouths, you can think again. Not only did the story come from…Read more ›

‘Too Drunk To Drive’ Offers The Good Kind Of Drunk-Dialing

So maybe one night you’re stumbling to your car and realize you really shouldn’t be driving. And also you’re so drunk that Siri can’t understand you. And the buttons in your contact list are so small. Enter Too Drunk To…Read more ›    [Read More…]

‘Go Home, You’re Drunk’ Says New iPhone Breathalyzer Dongle



Or rather, “have someone drive you home.”

After being vilified so much for contributing to dangerous roads (along with all other smartphones, of course), the iPhone will soon turn Samaritan, and maybe help to make the roads a little safer. That’s thanks to the new Breathometer, “the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer.”

The little dongle plugs into the top of your iPhone, via the headphone jack — so it’ll work with  [Read More…]

Your iPhone Can’t Tell When You’re Too Drunk To Drive, But This iPhone Breathalyzer Can


In my experience, the iPhone already has a built-in alcohol detector. You can tell if you’re too drunk to drive by pulling out your iPhone and seeing if you immediately drop it, shattering it on the floor or dunking it in a seedy bar urinal. Pass the test? You’re ready to drive!

Alcohoot has another method of measuring the same thing. It’s a Breathalyzer that you pair with your iPhone. If  [Read More…]