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How to Install MacOS Catalina Beta on APFS Volume to Dual Boot with Mojave

If you want to run MacOS Catalina Beta alongside macOS Mojave or macOS High Sierra, you can do so by adding a new APFS volume to the Mac if that Macs hard drive is formatted as APFS. This effectively creates a dual boot scenario for MacOS Catalina 10.15 and Mojave 10.14.x (or High Sierra), and … Read More

How to Install MacOS Sierra 10.12 Beta Safely & Dual Boot El Capitan

Creating a dual boot environment is an ideal solution for Mac users who want to install and try macOS Sierra but without interfering with their primary stable Mac OS X El Capitan installation. This tutorial will walk through the entire process of setting up such an environment, including partition a disk, and installing macOS Sierra … Read More

How to Install OS X El Capitan Safely to New Partition & Dual Boot Yosemite

Mac users who choose to dabble in early releases of OS X El Capitan will find that dual booting the release alongside OS X Yosemite or OS X Mavericks is a better solution than simply updating their primary OS X installation. One easy way to do this is to partition the Macs hard drive and … Read More

Mac Setup: Wall Mounted iMac 27″ with iPad as Dual Display

This weeks featured Mac workstation comes to us from James F., and it’s a beauty. With a clean well organized desk, and the awesome wall mounted iMac that utilizes an iPad as a secondary display, you can see why this is one sweet Mac setup. Let’s dive in and learn a bit more about this … Read More

Last chance to save 58% on Limefuel: the 20,000mAH dual USB battery backup

Limefuel was one of our favorite gadgets from 2014 and sadly today is the last day to get this innovative, battery saving product. We have all had that feeling of seeing our battery drop into the red zone without a plug…Read more ›

Dual displays give this clever Android watch amazing battery life

By far the biggest downside of the modern smartwatch is their lousy battery life. If you’re lucky, you’ll get around two days of use in between charges from an Android Wear device, but the vast majority require top-ups every night. There is one,…Read more ›

Last chance for 36% off Limefuel Lite dual USB battery pack [Deals]

You trust your mobile device to keep you in touch with your business associates, friends, and family. It also stores your vital data and apps so you can access them whenever and where ever you need them. Your mobile device…Read more ›

Mac Setup: The Dual Thunderbolt Display Workstation of a Geologist

This weeks featured Mac setup is the desk of Uri S., a geologist – note the rock hammer! – with a nice and clean nearly minimalist workstation. Let’s jump in and learn a bit more… What do use your workstation for? My Mac and related gear is used for my PhD work in science (Geology). … Read More

Mac Setup: Dual Thunderbolt Display Mac Pro Desk of a Music Producer

This weeks featured Mac workstation comes to us from Darren, a professional music producer with a great custom desk setup. Let’s check out the details: Tell us a bit about your Mac setup and the hardware included I use my setup to produce music, these desks were built to accommodate my equipment. The setup hardware … Read More

Mac Setup: The Dual Display Mac Pro Desk of an Assistant Professor

This weeks featured Mac setup is the powerhouse new Mac Pro workstation shared with us by Alberto G., an Assistant Professor at ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, a university in northern Mexico). Let’s jump in and learn a bit more about the hardware and what great apps get put to use. What … Read More